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cyclezealot 11-29-02 11:14 AM

Do you look forward to riding in rain?
Two days ago, I took my hybrid to LBS to change out the rear cassette. It was one of those unexpected/expected Southern California showers. Often, we get teased about the possibility of a shower and it does not happen. Anyway, the LBS' mechanic looked almost envious. Getting my bike to the shop, I got a little wet.. I packed a plastic raincoat in my pannier in case.
The mechanic quipped, wish I was off to go out in the rain..I know once this speed demand did a 2 century ride, mostly in the rain and did great time.. Do you look forward to rain? I do not think this mechanic considers moving to Seattlle, and getting away from the So. Calif. Sun...! Maybe here rain is a uncommon, so it is a change.? There is a chance of rain. I know, I set pondering what to wear. For if it does not rain, I will be too hot and do not want to carry more than I need.
So to assure I get out in this threat of rain, I dress up early, so I have no choice. I am then committed. So do you go out for a ride in the rain, when you needn't...?

A.troll 11-29-02 11:33 AM

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I'm ready for it! Let's go, boyfriend!

Paige 11-29-02 11:59 AM

In a word: NO

Arsbars 11-29-02 12:15 PM

I do I do :-D I can't explain it. I've always raced better in the bad conditions..

P. B. Walker 11-29-02 12:21 PM

I look forward to the rain if it's warm (above 80F) and there is no wind. Then I don't really mind it. Even enjoy it some.

Cold and wind in addition to rain... NO WAY... I'll skip the bike commute to work and go to the RECenter and swim laps instead.


fubar5 11-29-02 12:27 PM

Riding in the rain is fine as long as it starts raining while I'm riding. If it is already raining, motivation to go on a ride is tough to muster up.

Mtn Mike 11-29-02 01:18 PM

The fouler the weather, the more of a rush I get from riding; i can't explain why but it happens. I could be the look I get from people, like, you're nuts. Last week we did our first snow ride, which was actually a rain / wet snow ride. Had a blast. Unlike the previous poster, I prefer cold rain and snow to warm rain. :D

kewlrunningz 11-29-02 02:15 PM

Not while riding on the road! Soaking wet and cold.....not fun. Plus you have to wash down the bike and dont forget to wash that jersey right away or expect a nasty surprise! On a MTB, well that's another story! :D

Tarantula 11-29-02 06:10 PM

This is where we seperate the hardcore from the wusses.
California has been in a mild drought and the riding has been wonderful.
In the past year I was caught in the rain 4 times. Nice riding, but I wouldn't purposely head out into the rain. Seems to me that it's kinda like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane because you want to sky dive.
Dry Weather Wuss

Mtn Mike 11-29-02 06:23 PM

Follow up post: I think riding in the rain is a challenge. That makes it more fun too. It involves more planning and commitment. Finding the right clothing combination to balance good ventalation, warmth and good waterproofing isn't as easy as putting on a rain slicker.

Cali weather must be nice, but don't you folks get bored with the nice weather? I have a trip to San Diego coming up in 2 weeks; I'm looking forward to riding out there in the sun :)

threadend 11-29-02 07:40 PM

P. B. Walker originally posted

"I look forward to the rain if it's warm (above 80F) and there is no wind. Then I don't really mind it. Even enjoy it some.

Cold and wind in addition to rain... NO WAY..."

fubar5 followed with

"Riding in the rain is fine as long as it starts raining while I'm riding. If it is already raining, motivation to go on a ride is tough to muster up.

Those statements about sum up my feelings

Raiyn 11-30-02 12:38 AM

NO!!! People around here forget how to drive and no matter how many strobe lights, blinkies, reflectors and plain ol' lights I have there's always some jabrone that has to crowd me through a puddle with a pothole somewhere in it. Bastiges :crash: :crash: :crash: :crash:

Ouch ! 11-30-02 04:07 AM

To answer the question "do you look for to riding in the rain" the answer will have to be NO, but will I let rain stop me going out ......NO NO NO.

I work on the theory that you can only get so wet and then it doesn't matter.:)

Greg 11-30-02 08:17 AM

A warm storm is doable.

I'll head out in a light, warm rain and if it gets worse while out it's fine.

cyclezealot 11-30-02 10:07 AM

Greg, Seems So Cal storms are not usually warm,since it only rains here in the winter and most storms come from the northwest.. I like the idea of a warm rain..
Used to not like the wet's effect on skinny tires.. For a change I took out my hybrid with 38's on it and the ride felt more stable with better braking...

Chris L 12-01-02 03:54 AM

I wake up every morning hoping for rain. I desperately want it to rain all the time. I actually got a couple of days of rain on my (very) recent tour of western Victoria (well, one day of rain and one of sleet/drizzle) and it was the best feeling I've had in ages. Of course, here in Queensland we desperately need a major flood to break this drought, lest we all run out of water by next easter. :eek:

As far as I'm concerned, it's a case of ask not what cycling in the rain can do for you, but what you can do for cycling in the rain!

RollingGeek 12-01-02 07:50 AM

Cool thread.

I really dig the rain, but have come to hate the clean up afterwards.

All that grit and road muck seems to get into EVERYTHING.

vssn 12-01-02 09:26 AM

At this time of the year its all about commuting in the rain, doesn't bother me, only problem is that I wear glasses and it can be difficult to keep them clear. I think you concentrate more when its raining.

psycholist 12-01-02 08:11 PM

Oh man...there is absolutely NOTHING that pumps me up higher than heading out ahead of a good storm...the clouds, the high winds, and being able to see the rain coming across the fields at you . And then once the roads muddy up there's the mud to sling. The only thing that keeps me in is hail, severe lightning, and freezing rain.
Ok , and maybe wind chills below -25. Yeah, that does suck.:mad:

RainmanP 12-04-02 01:09 PM

I must admit to a feeling a little thrill when I see that it is raining. I would rather it actually be raining than just looking like rain. At least you can go ahead and put on the rain gear and be done with it. Having said that I must say that I am not as enthusiastic about riding in the rain as I used to be. After my spill in September I am a little more wary of wet surfaces.

SpiderMike 12-04-02 06:12 PM

My riding "mantra" sums it up.

Bring it on.

Conditions, time, where, how fast... just details. As long as I ride free, there will always be some simple thrill.

Guest 12-04-02 06:44 PM

Don't ride in the rain unless it happens while I am out wheeling ;) Now, I do play golf in the rain and love it. :beer:

VegasCyclist 12-04-02 07:14 PM


Originally posted by Garbear
Don't ride in the rain unless it happens while I am out wheeling ;) Now, I do play golf in the rain and love it. :beer:
isn't that kinda dangerous with lighting storms and all?

cyclezealot 12-05-02 01:20 AM

Chris.. Anxious to see/ hear more about your tour of Victoria.. Drizzle. isn't it like middle spring there now? The background of your recent post/ photo looked like great cycling.. My nephew has traveled to Autsralia a lot. Says it resemlbes California, only a little greener.. Sounds like great cycling..

MichaelW 12-05-02 04:44 AM

I love riding in a storm, with stringing , horizontal rain. Usually we get cool drizzle or a light shower (we have as many words for rain as Inuit eskimos do for snow!!)
I like being prepared with the right equipment, so rain poses no real problems. One summer I took my fenders off for a 4 week drought, but usually ride an all-weather bike.
The usual case in the SE of England is that it is about to rain. That doesnt mean it will rain, it just teases you enough that you have to pack waterproofs. Its quite rare for rain to fall during commuting times, so even on rainy days, I can get away with a dry ride.

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