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bouncybouncy 03-17-06 09:12 AM

Ride Registration Question...
So we are extrememly interested in registering for a century (this particular one fills up fast and has a cap of 2000 riders...1400 already signed up)
the problem is that i may have to leave town on business and will not know for sure till a couple weeks in advance...but by then the ride will have for sure sold out :(

can a registration be sold/swapped/given to another rider to go in my place if i am unable to go?
has anyone heard of this???

thanks for any input!

lrzipris 03-17-06 10:19 AM

I've done it once or twice. I guess some clubs may have rules against this, but, unless the ride is one for which you must qualify, I can't imagine why the club should care who the actual rider is. In my experience, caps serve several purposes, none of which would be affected by a switch, purposes such as minimizing traffic disruption, both for motor vehicles and in the towns that the route passes, and allowing for adequate support (food, sag, etc.) because the club would be dealing with a known quantity.

You could ask the sponsor, I guess.

caligurl 03-17-06 10:53 AM

i've ridden in place of hubby when we signed him up for two popular rides that sold out quickly... then he hurt his knee and couldn't ride... i didn't want to lose out on the money.. so i rode!

another one i wrote and asked about a transfer and they agreed to that! (we were both signed up for that one already.. so i had my own ride paid for)

i didn't email or ask about the ones i did in his place.. just showed up and gave them my name instead (of course.. that's a tad bit easier when we share a last name! lol!) not sure it would have mattered in those cases though....

for the two i did in

Psimet2001 03-17-06 10:58 AM

Transferring is usually not an issue. Call in advance to check. If it is a problem then the other rider can always say that they're you. Not a good thing to do in case of emergency, but it is done regularly. Just tell them to sign the waiver with their real name - don't want to advocate forging a legal doc... ;)

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