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RonH 11-30-02 01:42 PM

Back from the dead
I've been out of circulation for the past week.
Got the flu from a co-worker (thank you very much) and was out of work all week. Even spent part of Thanksgiving day in bed. :(

Hope all of you are feeling better than I have felt this week. :)

Now I'm feeling better (just coughing alot :( ) and the sun is out but the little woman said no riding today!! She doesn't want to get a phone call asking her to come pick me up cause I can't make it home (too weak). :eek:

So once I finish posting this I'm off to the living room to ride the trusty trainer.

Maybe I can "sneak out" for a ride tomorrow. Wish me luck. :thumbup:

aerobat 11-30-02 03:34 PM

Get well soon, Ron! Wondered where you were!

greywolf 11-30-02 04:00 PM

take it easy brother, take it easy, another day or so wont make any differance in the great plan of life,cold air in your lungs & you could end up with pheumoniar, now i sound like your mother :lol:

Dannihilator 12-01-02 04:56 PM

Relax, and let it run it's course. Welcome back though.

RonH 12-02-02 11:46 AM

Thanks for the kind words.

I did 8 miles :cry: on the trainer on Saturday. Was totally wiped out afterward. Didn't have the energy to ride on Sunday. :(

Finally went back to work today. For some reason noboby wants to get near me. Could it be because my voice sounds kinda funny? Or because I'm coughing a lot? ;)

For those who already have the flu or may have the bad luck of getting it this winter, do as the others have suggested.
Take your time getting back into your normal routine. The flu really takes it out of you. Much more than a cold.

maraxis 12-02-02 12:42 PM

Isn't it for every day of flu take two days to recover after the main symtoms have eased. You'll probably feel pretty tired after a ride for a little while.

Get better soon.

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