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cyclezealot 11-30-02 04:57 PM

Which do you wash/ wax more bike or car..?
I'd guess, My bikes get washed about every second/ third week.. They get waxed about every second month.. I have four bikes....My VW Jetta which I very much like gets washed much less than I like.. Biking takes up too much time. By time I get back from the ride, lucky to get grass cut..
What is discouraging about my Jetta, it has a roof rack for my bikes... That keeps it out of the car washes far less than it would otherwise.. It probably gets washed every third week and waxed once a year.. But I treat the Jetta with some respect, it gets lubed equal to my bikes drive chain- considering expected mileage for each relative to need..

cyclezealot 11-30-02 05:03 PM

Oh yes. I do like the rainy season in California for one reason. (Only last about three months.)- washing the car.. Nothing beats natures' natural washes.. The car is kept out of the garage, if I know it might just get a free car wash..

Arsbars 11-30-02 05:04 PM

you start a ton of polls huh? :D Depends on the weather, its a hell of alot easier to clean my bike than the car if its FREEZING out. My bike gets wiped down alot, but not fully waxed like my car... so i'm going to say car on this one

Raiyn 12-01-02 11:25 PM

Car?? What car?? I doan neeed no steeenkin car!!!

cyclezealot 12-01-02 11:30 PM

Two bikes got washed and waxed this past couple days.. The car just got to sit out in the rain and let nature wash it.. No waxing.. The hybrid really needed it, because a couple days ago it got to ride out in the rain and mud.. The Klein I like to keep waxed because the paint job is beautiful enough to qualify as art..

khuon 12-02-02 02:02 AM

My Jeep works just fine when it's dirty. I think it expects to be dirty. My bikes on the other hand work better when they're clean. Also... I tend to think of my bikes as like clothing... to be "worn" thus they should be kept clean. My vehicles are just something I get into and drive. I guide my Jeep... I power my bikes and in return, they empower me.

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