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N_C 12-01-02 10:43 PM

Covering bike and trailer.
As I've stated in previous threads I'm going to start touring next spring. I've asked questions and have received good informations and advice. But now I have some more questions.

This has to do with covering my bike and trailer at night to keep rain off. First of all I ride a recumbent. The seat on it is foam. If it gets wet it will act like a sponge. Second I don't think it is a good idea to let the components to get wet from potential rain either. So I will be covering at least the bike with a 10' x 10' tarp.

But what about covering the trailer? It is a B.O.B. Yak Plus trailer. The bag, when not on the trailer will be inside the tent with me. But aside from the hub of the trailer are there any vital areas that should not get wet? Like the pivot point? Is it a good idea to cover the trailer as well? Or is there no need?

If it is I'll need a longer or at least a wider tarp.


toolfreak 12-02-02 10:35 AM

After a winter tour in Scotland i found my trailer all rusty from the bad weather and the salt :(

The paint is cheap and gets damaged pretty soon, i haven`t used a cover before, but it`s a great idea.

The cheapest possible way is a plastic bag, but even better would be a rain cover from a big backpack, like the Lowe Alpine Alpamayo.

Btw, i found out there are three things about the B.O.B which really suck! :crash:

- As said, the paint is pretty weak.
- The bearings, i had to replace mine after a 1000 km
- The replacement axles for the rear wheel, they bent like spaghetti, even if you don`t have a fully loaded trailer.

But hey, the trailer design is pretty good :D

My trailer is just back from the powder-coater , it`s now covert with a though layer of dark blue coating.
I only have to mount the pivot and she`s ready to roll!

As for the pivot, just put enough grease inside, it should be fine!

cheers :beer:

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