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pinarello sale 03-20-06 07:58 PM

Best Place to sell vintage Pinarello Treviso
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Guys, do you have any thoughts on where I could get the best price for my vintage Pinarello Treviso?

I have been trying to do some good research to find out just how old it is and my contacts have fallen out of touch and I don't want to be a pest. I know it is older than an 85 because that is when I got it. And it was just one of many frames that my old bf had from his cycling career/days. So I think it is reasonable that it is an 80 or older. It has a chrome fork which I was told would make it date older.... Anyway to the point, I need to sell it and would like to get a good price. It is a nice bike that has been sitting in my basement for the last 10 years and almost...oops I started to digresss again.

Here is the bike and here is a link to some more pics

I am thinking that I need to put it on Ebay since I am unsure of its value. RoadBikeReview and ClassicR... require that I put a fixed $ on the bike and I am unsure of what to put.

Grand Bois 03-22-06 09:26 AM

This should be in the Classic & Vintage Forum.

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