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parsomc 03-20-06 09:03 PM

wine country rides
Bicycling magazine recently listed Sonoma county & Napa valley CA as great rides in wine country. Has anyone done these?

kesroberts 03-20-06 10:12 PM

There was recently some information posted in the Touring forum about this in response to a question I posted. Check there and search for "wine" and you should find it.

ch0mb0 03-21-06 01:05 AM

For those on the East coast, there's also the Finger Lakes region in upstate NY.
I plan to ride there this summer after seeing riders there last year. The terrain varies but there is quite a bit of ups-n-downs. It's beautiful country.

SteveE 03-21-06 01:39 AM

I would vote for Sonoma over Napa. More roads, less traffic. The "Wine Country Century" out of Santa Rosa on May 6th is a well, supported, fairly easy century.

ken cummings 03-21-06 10:45 AM

+1 SteveE I live in that area and they are both good but Sonoma is better. More back roads and quieter. And less expensive wine. Also the only connection Napa has with the Pacific Ocean is across the San Pablo Bay mud flats and San Francisco Bay. Sonoma County has many miles of shore with the coast highway along most of it. And hundreds of wineries. The Santa Rosa Cycling club site lists many, many routes in the area (including Napa, Mendocino, and Marin counties. Contact me if you get in the area. If you visit too many wineries all the buses have bike racks to get you back to your lodgings. And take the time to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge.

HiYoSilver 03-21-06 11:00 AM

Napa has a nice LBS that will rent bikes. It used to be about $25 for mtn bike and $50 for a road bike/day. They include a bike rack and will sortof fit the bike for you. Suggest you study carefully navigation in Napa before the ride. The city is not difficult to ride, but it's easy to get lost if you don't pay attention to the map.

SteveE 03-21-06 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by ken cummings
And hundreds of wineries.

Plus the wineries in Sonoma are typically smaller, more casual, and laid-back. I'm partial to the ones along the road that runs on the north side of the Russian River.

Walkafire 03-21-06 10:29 PM

Grrrrrrr my ex is giving wine tours near Santa Ynez CA...

Hey wait... you can go there... marry the b.... oops nevermind

KingTermite 03-22-06 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by parsomc
Bicycling magazine recently listed Sonoma county & Napa valley CA as great rides in wine country. Has anyone done these?

I have a friend that went out that way for vacation last year. She is not a very avid cyclist, but asked me to help "get her in shape" so she could do a 20 mile ride through the wine country as part of a tour. Her friend that she went with is an avid cyclist and talked her into it.

Anyway...she raved at how beautiful it was.

Poor girl didn't make the full 20 miles though....pooped out after about 15.

Bikepacker67 03-22-06 11:17 AM

Soon (like tomorrow) I'll be in PRIME wine country in the Okanagan region of BC.
Too bad I hate the stuff! (Except to cook with, that is)

parsomc 03-22-06 07:56 PM

What an awsome photo. I can't think of a more beautiful place to go and ride. Thanks!

parsomc 03-22-06 08:07 PM

Thanks Ken for the feedback. I have been giving some thought to getting out to Sonoma some time this spring. Gotta get back into shape after the long Michigan winter so I'm uop to it. I'm not real big on wine but I do drink the stuff. I just got a photo of wine country in British Columbia from bikepacker67. It is awsome.

parsomc 03-22-06 08:14 PM

Thanks for the reply. I have found that if I can build up gradually to riding 30 to 35 miles at a time then I'm good for a lot more as needed in tours & such. The winter season here in Mi though puts the kabosh
on riding year round.

parsomc 03-22-06 08:23 PM

Thanks fot the info. I was wondering about rental prices.

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