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kaffein 03-24-06 12:57 AM

Trek Sole Ride 100 weight?
Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone here owns the Trek Sole Ride 100, I'm curious as to how much this particular bike weighs. I've have been eyeing this bike for quite some time. If it happens to weight alot more than the Trek Navigator 50, I plan on going for that one...

Any information would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

UmneyDurak 03-24-06 02:44 AM

What kind of riding are you planning on doing? You are looking to buy a comfort bike, but is worring about a weight. Personally I think weight comes in to play big time if you are climbing a lot of hills, if that's the case then comfort bike isn't really an ideal bike. On flats it doesn't really matter, especially for recreational riding on comfort bikes.

kaffein 03-24-06 03:29 AM

Just for cruising around the neighborhood for exercise. Dont really have any hills in this area. (Houston)

I've been looking at the Trek Nav 50, Trek Sole Ride 100 (I like the look of this one alot and the fact that the seat is a bit lower, plus its adjustable), and the Specialized brand of bikes.

Money is obviously an issue, so I'm trying to keep it under 300$.

scottogo 03-24-06 02:34 PM

Some other flat foot cruisers include:

Electra Townie
Del Sol Low Boy
Giant Suede
Raleigh Gruv

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