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fish0n 03-29-06 03:14 AM

Gary Fisher Dual Sport: Montare, Utopia, Kaitai?
Gary Fisher Dual Sport: Montare, Utopia, Kaitai.
Im just wondering who has ridden one or more of these and what do you think of them. How dose it compare to other bikes ( faster, slower/heavier, liter)? Im interested in hearing any coments on them.

Their website says: "Dual Sport bikes start with a full-on Fisher mountain bike frame. That's right. we use the exact same frame platform as we do on Fisher 29ers. But then we equip our Dual Sport with faster-rolling tires, and quick, short-travel suspension forks for fast cruising. The result? Road bike fast, mountain bike durable. If you want to simplify your life and have one bike to do it all, make it this one."

So is this really Super Bike?


jonbth 03-29-06 01:59 PM

I haven't ridden the Fishers but I did have a Trek hybrid with a suspension fork and the fork was crappy and had no adjustment and couldn't be locked out. The fork was really bouncy and annoying and couldn't really be upgraded. I think you'd be better off with a 29'er that has an adjustable fork that can be locked out. You can always change the tires to suit your riding conditions.

fish0n 03-29-06 05:31 PM

The forks can lock out on the Dual sports.

fish0n 03-29-06 05:31 PM

The forks can lock out on the Dual sports.

fish0n 03-29-06 05:35 PM

Crud I did it again.

I need to remember to Click One Time Only.

fish0n 03-30-06 05:58 AM

come on:( someones got to have somthen to say about them.

GCG199 03-31-06 10:43 PM

I would have figured that they were much more popular too. However, I don't see much talk about them on the 29er forums.

fish0n 03-31-06 11:18 PM

29er forums?

JoeOxfordCT 04-02-06 08:03 AM


I just picked up a 2006 GF catalog and didn't even know that they made the Montare. I have a 2005 HKEK and have been thinking of selling it to get a Cobia. I have read the reviews on the Cobia and while they have good things to say about the 29" platform, the components.fork are definitely lower level. The Montare appears to use the same frame as all the other GF 29'ers but with a much better mix of components; LX/XT. The fork is a shorter travel 75mm but with a lockout. The crank is a 48/36/26 which is right up my alley. I had put a 46t on my HKEK but could certainly use a little taller gearing still but I am brushing up against tight frame tolerances. The Montare is $100 more than the Cobia but if I can find a buyer for my HKEK that's where I'm headed !!!


GCG199 04-04-06 08:19 PM


Originally Posted by fish0n
29er forums?

There are 29er forums over at:

There is a 29er info blog for new 29er products at:

Another 29er info website and forum at:

cliffy63 05-15-06 10:23 PM

gf utopia
the utopia is an awesome ride for the money. it's for the person who favors street/path but wants some dirt functionality. the drivetrain is so much better than the kaitai you'll have to spend the extra $200. the montare's handlebar feels just a little better to me but i can't explain why. the stock saddle on the utopia is dodgy on the long rides - i put a wtb street smart saddle on it. the bike is a looker and feels very responsive. 26 vs. 29 arguments are rendered moot with one ride for many cyclists. sometimes it seems like you can coast all day on it - on level terrain just a few high geared rotations can set up a block or 2 of coasting. get the cane creek bar ends - they really finish off the killer look, they help on hills and the extra ergonomic hand position helps the tingles that older fellas often get.

looking at it next to a cobia/x-caliber/paragon it's obvious that dual sport frames are not analagous to fisher's 29er line. dual sports are not full on mountain bikes. a gf website comparison shows some common parts on the utopia and the pricey x-caliber which is surprising since the cobia is closer to the utopia's price point. my bike mechanic tells me the hubs are better on the utopia than on the cobia. he also articulated the coasting aspect by saying it was like an invisible rope pulls the utopia for the first 3 or 4 mph.

the stock 700c x 42c irc tires favor the street and rollout well with fairly smooth tread in the center - more knobs on the edges for cornering. you can put a more aggressive tire on it but a 2.2 will not fit. 1.85 will make sure that you don't have any frame rubbing issues. switching to mutano raptors looks very good on the bike and increases the dirt functionality. some 2.0 tires may work depending on the manufacturer. the suspension fork is 75mm for a smoother street roll. if you weigh anywhere near 250 expect issues with the rear rim. i had to get a 36 spoke rim upgrade for it to stay in true. the gf geometry feels good and i miss it when i ride anything else. taller riders often notice this. i'm maybe 6'3" on a 21" bike frame.

i'll likely get another one, '07 or '08, keeping one with eggbeaters & irc tires and keeping the other with a grippy platform pedal and a wider, knobbier tire. it's such a bang for the buck bike that there's nothing else near it's price point that i'd rather ride. it's addictive. and it's fun.

古強者死神 05-16-06 02:49 AM

I rode the Kaitai, so far its my favorite bike and what I plan to buy comparing it to Hardrock Sport and the Rockhopper.

Very good balance, good geometry, saddle was very comfortable to me, I ride on road alot and do offroad so it does both, lots of reviews on the (older) Kaitai show its incredibly offroad capable and very strong.

I was sold on the balance and much better shifters/derailers over the Rockhopper. I still plan on trying the GF Mullet and Piranha before I make my final choice.

But yeah its a great bike and the 29" wheels add alot of cool factor :P

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