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liamgreen 03-30-06 04:34 AM

Glove shop
Does anyone happen to know where I can buy a pair of 6 fingered racing bike gloves and also some wider grips for my hands? I know this should probably be in the 'want to buy' area but for some reason I couldn't start a new thread on there. Anyway I hope you can help me, thanks Liam.

operator 03-30-06 04:48 AM

6 fingered? wth?

liamgreen 03-30-06 04:53 AM

I have 6 fingers what more can I say. Surely there's a place that'll sell these

eubi 03-30-06 07:16 AM

This is one of the most interesting problems I have read in a while!

I tried a web search, but could find no six-fingered gloves.

Maybe just find the largest pair of gloves you can, and cut a slot between two of the fingers? Three fingers will have to fit where two were intended.

Or maybe these guys can help:

Good luck...

OK, I'll say it..WE WANT PICTURES!!!

alaska 03-30-06 07:33 AM

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

(sorry, i had to)

lrzipris 03-30-06 12:00 PM

Of limited help is this suggestion: in winter, wear mittens or lobster mitts.

Cromulent 03-30-06 12:02 PM

Ben? Is that you?

greenbreezer 03-30-06 12:55 PM

Do you own any regular gloves like driving gloves or non-sporting winter gloves? If so, maybe the place you got those can offer some suggestions? Otherwise maybe a good tailor can sew on a finger on a pair of regular gloves. So do you have an extra finger or thumb? My brother-in-law is a radiologist and he's only seen extra thumbs. He says that's more common when it comes to spare digits. The most unusual was a person with 8 toes on each foot.

CastIron 03-30-06 03:05 PM

So I gotta ask: what finger do you 'give them' when the time comes?

Eggplant Jeff 03-30-06 08:44 PM

He's shooting double-barrelled.

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