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rocktop15 04-01-06 03:34 PM

Help! Out of shape!
Just rode 10 miles today for the first time since October 1st...WOW.

I am rediculously out of shape.

The 10 miles I rode today felt like the 62 I rode just five months ago. I have another Metric Century coming up in the first week of May and wanted some training tips to get back in shape so I can complete the race. I could barely even pedal today without feeling pain!

tulip 04-01-06 05:29 PM

keep riding. And next winter, don't stop.

Machka 04-01-06 05:51 PM

Just curious .... why did you stop riding after October 1st? And why was today your first ride, and not earlier, when you knew you had a metric century in the first week of May?

Right now, with a mere month to prepare, your best bet is probably to ride 5-6 days a week, and gradually increase your distance ... and hope for the best!

edzo 04-01-06 06:05 PM

yeah your best bet is to just spin easy loads, but
a long time in the saddle...shoot for ever increasing
cadences but don't kill yourself. even ride slower
rather than faster...but leg spin speed is mandatory....

keep it fast 80-90-100-110-120 rpm
every 5 then every 10 minutes jump to another cadence
and run it for a minute or two or ten...

put the time in the saddle. then the real test will be the big ride
and it will be easy as pie if you do the work now and focus on the above

twahl 04-01-06 11:23 PM

I feel your pain. I went out the other day for my first solo ride and I was hurting. The legs and butt were willing, but the lungs were burning. I have got to get out of this bike shop job, it's killing my riding. Ride often and it'll come back. Warm up, and keep the balance between muscles working hard and herat/lungs working hard. You'll make it. I've got a little more time, first weekend in June, but I'm planning the full century.

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