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velonomad 04-02-06 10:03 PM

when the marketing dept screws up.....
you get fun things like this write your own Chevy Tahoe commercial courtesy of General Motors. Enjoy....

BTW my favorite :

the beef 04-02-06 10:42 PM

Haha, nice.

UmneyDurak 04-02-06 10:56 PM

He he, yeah thats the one I like too. I read the blog, the usual insecure nut jobs came out raging against the adds.
I made my own:

my58vw 04-03-06 03:51 AM

I made one two...

Mandy (sorry I was run off the road by one of these SUVs a year or so ago!)

Halfstep 04-03-06 11:40 AM

That is so freakin' awesome! My coworker and I laughed our asses off!

catatonic 04-03-06 12:22 PM

I made one as well...I gave it my own special touch:

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