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CoolMoDee 05-24-01 02:28 PM

Hello folks. My name is Dave. This is my first post here.

I was wondering where people get the best deals on biking gear like jerseys and shorts etc.? I just ordered some stuff from but I haven't recieved the stuff or anything.

Their prices are the lowest I have seen so far, but I was just wondering if there are any other places you fine people might know about?

Take care,

RainmanP 05-24-01 05:13 PM

Welcome, Dave!

Major bike components and parts I usually get from my LBS. It might cost a little more, but they will install it, too, so it is worth it.

For other accessories I look at

Nashbar generally has the lowest prices on components and a lot of other stuff. You can go to their website and sign up for email specials. You can get some really good deals.

The following websites have kind of odds and ends, not big selections, but sometimes you can get some really good clearance prices. They send weekly email specials, too.

Campmor has a LOT of all kinds of outdoor stuff. If you need it, chances are they have it. Sierra Trading Post tends toward liquidation type stuff and seconds, but you can get some great deals. For instance, I recently bought some Duofold Coolmax Alta T-shirts seconds for $8.95. Not much selection of colors, but I got red, yellow and blue ones for riding. I can't figure out why they are seconds, but Performance had the same exact shirts on sale for either 20 or 25 bucks! is very good, also. There prices are always the best, but they carry high quality stuff.

Campag Fetish Boy 05-24-01 05:16 PM have just launched a new catalogue over here, they're running about 10 days behind at the moment

orguasch 05-24-01 07:18 PM

welcome to, try, these guys also sell cheap, bike stuff and also complete bike, I hope your in for the long haul buddy, and good luck on your online purchases

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