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LittleBigMan 05-25-01 06:36 PM

Hot tamales
Joe, I am going to go way out on a skinny limb, here and risk
excommunication, shunning, reprisals and retribution. I am going to flame the BikeForums Janitor.

You are a great guy, doing all this neat stuff for us (and paying for it with cold cash,) but sometimes you seem to me like the Wizard of Oz. I wish you would "expose yourself" and hang out with us more.

What about that, huh? How about it?

(Hey, don't take this too seriously. You're one of the greatest! I just want to see you hang out more.)

Joe Gardner 05-25-01 06:44 PM

Pete, i plan to hang out alot more in the near future :) I read all posts here, i just dont always have the time to reply... Its just that im working 50hrs a week and trying to get some of my school stuff done before starting back up in fall... And un-like most of you here, i dont have access to the net at work :)

fubar5 05-27-01 09:30 PM


Originally posted by Ba-Dg-Er

I think you should scream and yell and maybe even pee on the floor until they give you the net.

Lousy bosses. Give us their feedback website joe, and we'll get you the internet REAL quick.

AlphaGeek 05-28-01 09:46 AM


Originally posted by fubar5
Lousy bosses.
What kind of low life company do you work for anyway! :)
They just have no consideration at all.
Don't they realize there is more to life than...(dare I say it!)... Work!??? :confused:

A F Baker 05-28-01 12:18 PM

There are about 30 people where I work, and we all generally get along with each other. My boss is such a FREAK about working, he has taken away our win pop-up. We can't even chat across the network in my office. He would NEVER allow us to have the internet. Did I mention that I'm married to the bosses daughter? I might also mention that I get no special favors by being married to "the family."

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