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bewg10 04-17-06 09:48 PM

Anyone have a Haro V4
I just got a Haro V4 MTB. Its been great so far but I have not heard too many other opinions about this excellently valued riding machine. Please let me know...

Banzai 04-18-06 10:27 AM

I'm uncertain as to what the trouble is.
What it sounds like to me is this: "I just bought a bike that is not a Trek/Specialized/Giant/etc. It's made by a smaller manufacturer without that kind of name recognition. I like it, and it was a great price, with good equipment. Is this OK? Should it say "Trek" on the downtube instead?"
Don't worry dude. That's a good bike. Seriously.
But if it's been great so far, does my opinion matter?

bewg10 04-18-06 12:50 PM

In a strange way that opinion definitely flattened any concerns I had. Thanks..

Banzai 04-18-06 01:13 PM

I didn't mean to sound so harsh. That really is a quality bike.
Be proud to ride your un-Trek around!

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