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HiYoSilver 04-18-06 09:20 AM

weak knee - advice?
I don't know if I have been pushing too hard or what, but left leg muscles above knee are starting to hurt. Would you recommend just easing off for a bit, or should I be making some fit changes? If so, what changes? Seat higher/lower? forward/backwards?

BillyBob 04-18-06 11:27 PM

rest, raise the seat.

DannoXYZ 04-19-06 02:28 AM

and scoot it forwards... pick easier gears to take the load off...

Bockman 04-19-06 06:03 AM

Presuming your bike is set up properly, the muscle insertions are areas where strain and inflammation are most noticable. Drink plenty of water, ice the knee after exercise, take aspirin or other mild anti-inflammatory and see how you feel.

HiYoSilver 04-19-06 11:25 AM

Ok, raised the seat about 1/2 inch, moved forward 1cm, and resting, no riding today. I had to dial down intensity yesterday.

I'm thinking the seat may be too high now, but I'll give it a try and see. Oh, also dropped the nose of the saddle a tad.
It was so bad yesterday evening, that I had trouble walking. Now just sore climbing stairs but walking is ok.

I had been using easier gears, but dropped cadence from 90 to 75. Aleve did help a small bit.

thanks for the suggestions, I'ld hate to have to dial back biking.

2manybikes 04-19-06 11:43 AM

Take time to warm up carefully too.

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