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mysrh 04-24-06 04:22 AM

Need advice/suggestion on my Bike Type Need
I am still looking for my next bike. And I'm thinking of either a road bike or a cyclocross bike.

The types of road I usually ride on are mostly pedestrian pathways, sometimes bike road path, and if situations pushed me, I ride on grass/gravel, but not often. If possible I try to keep on the pathway, I do trust my safety sense on riding a bike, but the reason I don't ride on bike road path (ones next to car path) is because I don't trust the car drivers to be considerate enough, especially after I got hit 2 weeks ago while crossing a redlight road and a car passed the redlight.

So far I always think road bike is to be used only on bike asphalt paths due to it's fragile constructions, that's why I also consider a cyclocross, but the downside is cyclocross is not popular in Perth, AU, The only bike I found easily is Redline Conquest /Pro

MichaelW 04-24-06 05:38 AM

How much tyre clearance do you want? It is clearance rather than strength which is the main difference.
I do a lot of mixed riding (road, paths, tracks and trails) on my everday commuter light touring bike which uses long drop caliper brakes, 32mm tyres + fenders.
I find that caliper brakes are more responsive and controlable than the cantilevers on my other touring bike.

mysrh 04-24-06 05:46 AM

Thanks for the reply. I think I will have to look up for your question. Thing is I have had my MTB for 10 years now without ever knowing about bike anatomy in detail. So at the moment I can only feel what I may need.

bbattle 04-25-06 11:42 AM

Bikes are pretty tough; I wouldn't worry about hurting one riding on cycle trails, gravel roads, etc. The wider the tyre, the more comfortable the ride. If you are used to mtb. then a 700 x 23 road tire will feel pretty hard. These bikes will also be able to take fenders and racks. Commuter bikes, or bikes like the Giant OCR, Trek FX will work. Some will have flat bars, some have drop bars. I find drop bars more comfortable on long rides; more hand positions.

Trek 7.5FX

Giant OCR 3

Might also consider the Fuji Newest or Absolute

Banzai 04-25-06 07:50 PM

Look into the Fuji Newest. I don't think you can get a much better deal for the money...but that's just me.
"Road bikes" come in such a vast array of varieties, construction materials, geometries, components, etc. that it's hard to make a generalization such as "road bikes have fragile construction".
The real answer is: it depends.
Look around, and you'll find some that are light as air with tires that are 20 or thinner, with zero attach points for anything practical and an a$$ hatchet of a saddle. Next to it you'll find a road bike that's a bit sturdier, with 25-28 tires, and attach points for racks and fenders...and it's not even a "cyclocross" bike.
Check out the newest though...I'm quite pleased with Fuji bikes.
However, I don't like their new Absolute. I think they took what was a good flat bar roadie and totally destroyed it this year. If you're stuck on flat bars, maybe look into the Specialized Sirrus Sport.

mysrh 04-26-06 05:44 AM

Hey thanks for all the inputs, in my case, should I consider a cyclocross or a road bike with not too thin tyres like (width 25 - 28?)

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