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Crazy Cyclist 04-25-06 09:27 AM

wearing cycling clothing when off bike
Does anyone wear cycling clothing when they are not riding? I sometimes wear my cycling jersey when I am not riding. I wear it to movies, and other places as well, I don't wear the shorts though, I save them for riding only.

timmhaan 04-25-06 09:30 AM

not really. i have a wind breaker jacket that i sometimes use on the bike in the winter, it's also a jacket i wear frequently. that's about it though.

DataJunkie 04-25-06 09:39 AM

Not I. Dang stuff is too expensive to wear everywhere. To be honest, I am more comfortable in baggy clothing. The only time I wear tight clothes is on a bike.

AndrewP 04-25-06 09:40 AM

Last Fri we had a celebration at work, which finished with going out to a bowling party on the other side of town for the afternoon. Since I wanted to go home from the bowling I wore my cycling clothes to the bowling and wore them all afternoon (except for the helmet and shoes). That day I rode 27 km to work, 17 km to the bowling and 29 km home - beautiful sunshine all day but the temp was only about 6C in the morning.

DEK 04-25-06 10:56 AM

I have a few cycling t-shirts I wear "off bike" but not my actual cycling clothes.

shokhead 04-25-06 10:59 AM


caligurl 04-25-06 11:03 AM

uhm..... NO! lol!

superdex 04-25-06 11:04 AM

I have a windstopper jacket I'll wear here and there, but generally, not really. Wearing my cycling socks all the time doesn't count. They're just too dern comfy not to.

Johnny_Monkey 04-25-06 12:19 PM

Is there anything worse than seeing guys wearing cycle shorts at the gym? Probably but it's up there!

Milice 04-25-06 02:41 PM

do cycling caps count?

CastIron 04-25-06 02:48 PM

Things like bibs, jerseys, cleats, etc. are specialty athletic goods and, IMHO, look patently rediculous outside their intended venue. Not to mention their cost. Off the bike, plain old shorts and a t-shirt are my thing.

huhenio 04-25-06 03:29 PM

Is the OP writing about getting a pair of shorts when jumping off the bike to walk around?

If so .... I do that fairly often so not provoke hilarity

youm0nt 04-25-06 06:25 PM

nope.i only have a a jersey.i guess sunglasses are okay.

arbeiter 04-25-06 06:29 PM

I wear cycling stuff if I happen to be combining something with a long ride. Like going out to eat to break up a long ride...

Nachoman 04-25-06 07:13 PM


Chris L 04-25-06 09:43 PM

Yep. I'm always running errands and whatever else on my bike, and while I won't change specifically into cycling clothes to do it, I won't change out of them if I happen to be riding home from work. And when I'm touring I have no shame in walking into supermarkets or wherever else like a lycra-clad hero either. The way I see it, if people are bothered by that, it's their problem -- not mine.

ken cummings 04-25-06 10:02 PM

Yes, about half the time.

Peek the Geek 04-25-06 10:45 PM

When my wife was pregnant we took a short birthing class that was being offered at the hospital. Part of the class was watching a video following the pregnancies and labors of a few different couples. One of the pregnant women in the video was a triathlete or something. She goes into labor and they show her, feet up in the stirrups, wearing nothing but a hospital gown and a pair of Pearl Izumi socks!:D

In a somewhat related turn of events, I had the Tour de France playing on the hospital room's TV set while my wife was in labor.

graham58 04-26-06 03:52 AM

nope sure dont. Dont wear a condom out in public either

Albany-12303 04-26-06 07:33 AM

Just my Jacket (sometimes)

Oh - and I have wore my socks a couple times when all my other socks were dirty!

56/12 and 22/28 04-26-06 07:36 AM

I was in a full kit during my final tests for my junior year in high school last summer.

I rode to school, then went on a training ride afterwards. :)

DieselDan 04-26-06 07:05 PM

I use my earwarmers on cold days at work, especailly around Chirstmas when tourists want to ride because we don't get snow. I have used armwarmers for extra insulation in the cold too. Bike gloves take some sting out of lawnmowing, and hydration packs work good for long day yard chores.

I'm addicted to cycling socks. My feet stay cooler and drier no matter what shoe I wear, be that my cross training shoes, cycling shoes, dress shoes, or steel toe work shoes. If I wear regualr cotton socks, or those fugly diabetic socks, something just doesn't feel right.

Charles Swartz 04-26-06 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by CastIron
Things like bibs, jerseys, cleats, etc. are specialty athletic goods and, IMHO, look patently rediculous outside their intended venue. Not to mention their cost. Off the bike, plain old shorts and a t-shirt are my thing.

I agree. Any non cyclist sees you wearing your tights or lyrca when with your bike and they think well thats normal, hes a biker. You see some random dude without the bike yet still in the shorts and youll stick out like a sore thumb

lubes17319 04-28-06 05:49 PM

Hell Yeah!
All the time: jeans, cut-off shorts, whatever shirt I got on.

...and my SIDIs, of course.

Sapper89 04-28-06 06:32 PM

UHH - No. I can also afford other clothes.

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