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RB1-luvr 04-26-06 12:05 PM

jersey recommendations for my Dad?
Hey everyone,
I've been trying to buy a jersey for my Dad. He is 70 and only rides a comfort bike around his gated community in SC. He's not a hard core rider. He is fit, but he has a belly. So far he has returned the last two jerseys I had delivered to him because they fit fine up top, but too tight around the midsection.
Does anyone have any suggestions/sources for a bike jersey (hi performance wicking mat'l) that is cut more relaxed, maybe like a tennis or golf shirt? He wants bright colors "like I wear".
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Portis 04-26-06 01:28 PM

Tell him to ride farther, faster and more often, and to change his diet and in a year or so, there will no longer be an issue. Most cycling jerseys are made for fit people. Granted you see a lot of people wearing them that aren't fit, but still that is who they are cut and designed for.

Emerson 04-26-06 09:09 PM

Pearl Izumi makes two different cuts in the jerseys. I don't remember what they call them, but I bought a jacket from them in the looser cut and it fits over my belly fine. Check out their website. Stuff from REI might be a bit looser than the hard-core cycling companies. Also an good technical wicking shirt from an outdoors store would probably be fine.

Peek the Geek 04-26-06 11:39 PM

Try mountain biking jerseys. Most have a very relaxed fit and don't have elastic at the bottom, so they wear more like golf shirts. I like Pearl Izumi's stuff---look good, soft material, and great quality. Stay away from Fox jerseys. I ordered one and immediately returned it. The polyester material was really stiff and cheap feeling. Reminded me of the scratchy, thick jerseys we had to wear in Little League baseball.

RB1-luvr 04-27-06 07:41 AM

thanks for the input folks. i'll check REI and Pearl Izumi's websites today.

Digitaljs 04-27-06 07:56 AM

Louis Garneau makes a couple relax fit jerseys. There is the T-Shirt Sirocco and the Tourmalet. May want look for a local shop that carries these and try them on.

Kayakado 04-27-06 09:38 AM

Borah makes some nice jerseys, plain with no printing or designs and in a wide range of sizes including multi X's. My brother is a large guy and like a relaxed fit. He wears their XXL's.

lrzipris 04-27-06 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by Peek the Geek
Try mountain biking jerseys....

I agree. Also check out REI and L.L. Bean.

tulip 04-27-06 10:33 AM

Why does he need a cycling jersey? Why not get him a golf shirt made of wicking material? He'll probably be more comfortable in that.

RB1-luvr 04-27-06 01:07 PM


Originally Posted by velogirl
Why does he need a cycling jersey? Why not get him a golf shirt made of wicking material? He'll probably be more comfortable in that.

cuz that's what he said he wanted. he wants to be like his son i guess (?) but i agree with you.

bikecrate 04-27-06 01:52 PM

I've got a couple of Canari jerseys. One is called the Ridge, which is a road bike jersey. It is actually not my favorite because it is too loose, but it may be just right for your dad. The other style is the Cruiser. It looks more like a "v" neck tee shirt. They are both on sale at Nashbar right now.

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