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dirtsqueezer 05-29-01 12:03 PM

Links to Sponsors
Joe -

I was surfing over to look at some stuff at Performance Bike Shop, but no longer see the link in the Forums. I figured you got some credits for linking through Bike Forums?

Did any of that change with the upgrade?

Steele-Bike 05-29-01 12:11 PM


dirtsqueezer 05-29-01 02:50 PM


Originally posted by Steele-Bike
Sure enough, I am losing grey matter out my ears.


orguasch 05-29-01 05:10 PM


Originally posted by Ba-Dg-Er
Well if you gotta lose it, I guess losing it out of your ears is better then other places.
Ba-Dg-Er, you said it and your very right buddy

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