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ahnold4045 04-27-06 08:02 PM

Jan Ullrich it real?
does anybody know if this is Jan Ullrich's MySpace?

bigskymacadam 04-27-06 08:03 PM

yeah it's real. but come here to talk about it.

edit: real(ly) funny that is.

worker4youth 04-27-06 11:06 PM

Kaiser is german. It's german for "emperor"

DannoXYZ 04-27-06 11:10 PM

Russian would be Czar or Tsar...

C_Heath 04-28-06 07:29 AM

Did he mention, at any time that he liked crushing the souls of the weak?


ahnold4045 04-28-06 08:51 AM

sorry for the repost. tried the search but nothing came up

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