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listerine 05-29-01 06:13 PM

gnein has passed away

I am a good friend of gnein and in the last week he passed away, and i thought that you guys would like to know... and i will send how many people have read this and how many people reply this to show how this guy was loved.....

Chris L 05-30-01 02:14 AM

I'm sorry to hear about that. I always enjoyed his posts here.


Steele-Bike 05-30-01 07:35 AM

I have only posted a Unicycle thread once, and gnein was one of two people that responded to my question. I am sure he will be greatly missed.

Joe Pozer 05-30-01 03:32 PM

I'm very sorry to hear about Gnein's passing. My condolences to his family.

Bubba 05-30-01 08:38 PM

I'm sorry!

I never knew him, but I enjoyed what he had to say.


ViperUni 06-05-01 07:34 PM

yeah im sorry 2 man, he will be GREATLY missed - take care

gnein was awsome - :(

technogirl 06-05-01 11:06 PM

wow, I'm sorry to hear that. His family has my sympathies...

LittleBigMan 06-06-01 10:55 AM

Yes, my sympathies to his family and close friends. I am very sorry.

Perhaps this news should be posted in the Off Topic section, where more people will see it. Perhaps with a short message telling more about him so we can remember him better?

Just a thought...

AlphaGeek 06-06-01 11:07 AM


Please share with the family that his fellow cyclists around the world will miss him. Our prayers and thoughts are with him and the family and friends.

Rich 06-08-01 06:14 AM


He was one of the first nutters I chatted to on here...I will miss his posts.

Gnein..that is all



Joe Gardner 06-08-01 01:45 PM

This thread has been continued here.

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