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Charles Swartz 04-28-06 10:23 PM

Bicycle Tour of Colorado
Last summer while vacationing in Colorado, I saw while driving through the mountains the tour heading through. I thought it was incredible and it was what first inspired me to do long distance road cycling. I was wondering if any of yall out there who have done it in the past could tell me how it was and any other details. I am considering doing the 2007 tour for my senior trip after graduation.

Banzai 04-28-06 10:52 PM

I haven't done it, but I have a friend who does this tour every year...he thinks it's one of the greatest things ever. I should ask him for details.
It's rather pricey, but it's also HEAVILY supported...i.e. you pretty much just carry your water, snacks, and a credit card. The fee covers your room and board and food.

Jerseysbest 04-29-06 11:39 AM

The broshure for it came with my order from Nashbar I think...

*looks in trash can*

Found it. June 25 - July 1. 460 miles. Sign up 5 and 1 goes free.

Apparently you can get Tent Service; they set up a tent for you at each stop, includes towels, blanket and such, or just stay at a hotel. Looks like a very well organized event with aid stations every 20-25 miles, bike mechanics...

Registration is anywhere from $300 to $360, depending when you register. I might give it a go next summer...

oilfreeandhappy 04-29-06 12:30 PM

I'm assuming that you're talking about "Ride the Rockies", which is the most popular bicycle tour in Colorado. However, there are a number of other - MS150, Ride of Silence, etc.

I haven't ridden the Ride the Rockies, but I know a fair number of people who have. They have all enjoyed it. One year, a teen boy was killed, which really put a damper on the event. I believe there is an application process, and I don't think they accept everybody for this event.

Pedal Wench 05-08-06 12:09 PM

Ride the Rockies is a different event from the Bicycle Tour of Colorado. RTR is usually the week before BTC, and entry is done by lottery. BTC is open to anyone. RTR is typically a point-to-point ride. BTC is a loop, starting and stopping in the same city. They both tend to end up in the same area of the state, perhaps so that support systems can stay in the region (food vendors, bike shipping company, luggage transfer folks, Portapotty company, etc.) I did RTR last year and I'm planning on doing it this year. If I didn't get in, I was fully prepared to try out the BTC. From what I can tell, they're very similar, except that BTC sounds like they have better food options at the rest stops.

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