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DCyclist 05-30-01 01:10 AM

New Cycling Site!
I am introducing a brand new internet site called We have some great features such as thecyclist e-mail, racing news, training articles, bike repair advice, nutrition articles, classifieds, discussion boards and much more. Come check us out, thanks!

Joe Gardner 05-30-01 01:46 AM

As a fellow webmaster, may i make some suggestions? 1) Get ride of, goto bigmailbox, or pay $150 and get your own email software, probly will go bust within the next 3 months. 2) get rid of the mlm pop-behind, nothing more likely to drive away a user then annoying popups like that, i personaly hate them. 3) Dont spam other cycling websites, i'll leave this post up, but im taking down the one in the mechanics forum. One of the best ways to get traffic to your site, is to become an active user in a forum or newsgroup, you can put a simple text link in your signature, then the more you post / help out people, the more people will visit your website. 4) Dont open your forums untill you are getting 100+ unique visitors a day to your site, nothing turns away visitors like an empty forum (ask me, I know!).

Good luck on the site, i hope to see you posting more then just your URL here, happy riding.

Buddy Hayden 05-30-01 03:13 AM


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