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Banzai 04-29-06 11:36 PM

What you can say with a wave...
Or at least what I hope I said.

I was riding today when I saw a kid riding on the road the opposite direction. Small kid too, so he probably hasn't been riding long, and is just discovering the thrill of what also looked to be a fairly new tiny bicycle. His parents are safety chase behind him...sounds like a great family outing on a beautiful day, right?

Only get this; safety chase isn't riding a bike with little cyclist dude. Safety chase is in a frackin' behemoth SUV with the hazard lights on cruising a couple of yards behind him. By the by, to set the scene, this is a VERY low traffic road on base on Saturday. A car every 10 minutes or so.

I give the little guy a HUGE grin, a wave, and a "hang loose" as we're about to pass each other. (I make sure to slow my pace accordingly.) Kiddo smiles real big and waves back at me, which makes me a little nervous as it suddenly occurs to me that maybe at his level both hands on the bars are a great idea.

Ma and Pa in monster SUV see this, and smile and kinda wave. I, however, ignore the gesture and just pick up speed again. Maybe that was wrong of me, and maybe it was ungentlemanly and rude...but I was just so irritated that they couldn't be bothered to actually get off their lazy butts and ride with their son who obviously was thrilled to be out for a ride.

That's all. Just wanted to vent.

TSrider 05-01-06 02:49 PM

Well, maybe the nanny wasn't available.

Banzai 05-01-06 02:58 PM

Actually, moderators, if you wouldn't mind deleting this particular thread...

I apologize, I started it, and after a day thought that the title didn't really flag what the topic was about. I attempted to edit, but I couldn't edit the bloody title.

So, I double posted. :o . Sorry. Please don't reply to this, it's being discussed ad nauseum in another thread.

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