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humanpowercycle 04-30-06 08:31 AM

can anyone help me?
I am trying to find a bicycle that looks like a motorcycle. does anyone know what there called I just cant find anything about them on the internet.

Lectron 04-30-06 08:53 AM

Cruiser (?)
Felt should make a few.

bikerbob1 04-30-06 09:05 AM

Interested in recumbent? Both Bacchetta and especially Easy Racer look like choppers

Bockman 04-30-06 09:36 AM

humanpowercycle 04-30-06 10:14 AM

nahh not a crusier, but chubbyscruisers do look cool. my son wants a bicycle that looks like a dirt bike or sport something like that

edp773 04-30-06 02:52 PM

I remember seeing small bicycles with plastic gas tanks and motors that looked like a dirt bike at Wally World. These bicycles where for a smaller child though. Dick's Sporting Goods has an electric version.

Edit: Heres one listed at Wally World

Good luck

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