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stalex111 05-21-06 10:26 AM

Hydraulic disk brakes...
Hey all!
I wanted to start this thread about hydraulic disk brakes because it is the next upgrade to my bike. Ok, here's the question: "out of all the cheap brakes you know... which are the best hydraulic disk brakes?"

Maelstrom 05-21-06 10:28 AM

Juicy 5's.

Nykon 05-21-06 10:29 AM

How much do you want to spend?

stalex111 05-21-06 10:36 AM

not more than 300 canadian $.

Maelstrom 05-21-06 10:41 AM

It would be a tight squeeze but you can find juicy 5's in that range. Only other hydros in that range are hayes hfx9's and they just don't compare with the 5's.

stalex111 05-21-06 10:50 AM

allright, well thanx a bunch...i'm looking forward to being able to stop whilst doing downhill

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