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mac 05-23-06 05:59 PM

how do I wipe sweat off of my sunglasses? I can't see!
I sweat buckets and now that it's nearly summer, the temps are in the 70's to 80's. After about 15 miles, pools of sweat pour down my face and totally smear up my sunglasses. I try to wipe them with a handkerchief, facial tissue, paper towels, etc. but all it does is completely muck up the lenses. Only a thorough wash in soap & warm water and lots of wiping do the lens become clear again. How can I clean them on the road? Is there a solvent or something I can squirt & wipe?

roadfix 05-23-06 06:36 PM

You're like me. Even a headband won't help.....actually, it's worse with a headband when it reaches capacity. Sweat simply gushes out when they can hold no longer. Even those Halo channeled headbands don't do it for me. That's why I use cheap glasses. I'll stop and wipe them clean with whatever I have...
And on those extreme hot & humid gusher days, I won't even wear glasses....not worth the trouble.

Siu Blue Wind 05-23-06 06:57 PM

They have those Windex quick wipe thingys in the pull up container. Put a couple of those in a baggie. Or squirt a lot Windex on a clean cloth and put that in a baggie.

Cavedog 05-24-06 12:03 AM

Perhaps its the fit. Buy a cheap pair that stand off from your eyebrows a little more. I wear prescription specs and as long as they are far enough away from my face, the sweat runs down my face (and into my eyes!).

Or you could slow down.....

古強者死神 05-24-06 02:12 AM

I think some new glasses can solve your problem, My oakleys are a very close and tight fit so they do this to me. While I love how they look and fit (and they are polorized) they are almost attached to my face and all the sweat gets on them.

A cheap pair of tinted "safty glasses" fixed me up till I find some nicer cheap ones to take there place.

Maybe one of those vented sunglasses will do the trick too.

Bockman 05-24-06 06:03 AM

On really hot days I wear a bandana pirate style under the helmet-- that absorbs an awful lot. If any runs onto my lenses, a little spit and wipe on the shirt gets them 95% clean. I do that if I don't have time to stop, just go no hands and clean them up. If you're stopping for a water break, plain water on the lenses and another wipe cleans them really well.

eubi 05-24-06 06:05 AM

First, let's try to prevent the problem...

I sweat buckets too, and I'm "follically challenged". All liquid eventually soaks my forehead helmet pad and ends up in my eyes.

Now I use a lycra "do rag" under my helmet. It really helps to keep the sweat out of my eyes.

Be sure you wear sunglasses without a lower frame. You get better visibility and sweat won't pool there. I find a simple jerk downward with my head will knock the sweat off the bottom of my sunglasses.

But sooner or later, I have to stop and clean them... :D

nick burns 05-24-06 07:23 AM

If you carry a bottle with plain water, give a squirt on the lenses then wipe down with a cotton cloth.
If you ride with sports drinks exclusively, it might be worthwhile to carry a small bottle with h20 in a jersey pocket.

Michigander 05-24-06 08:25 AM

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Here is yet another instance where I must reccomend KD's. KD's stay off your eyes, but they very nicely block the wind. Only problem some people have with them is their old fashion looks, as they were designed by west coast motorcyclists in the 50's.

mac 05-24-06 08:55 AM

Squirting water on my sunglasses doesn't work either. The sweat is still there. Wiping it off after the water only smears it even more. I'll try the Windex wipes and see if that will work. Since I took off my sunglasses after about 20 miles and rode for another 30+ miles for 4 days, my eyes were bloodshot from the wind by the time I got home.

jur 05-24-06 05:15 PM

I made a sweat band from a polyester micro-fibre sports towel. It absorbs a huge amount, but on long punishing rides like an hour of _hard_ climbing still reaches capacity. I simply stop, pull helmet off and wring the band out. The fabric has the property of getting essentially dry after wringing. Good to go for another punishing ride...

I wonder why they don't sell this. I wear it on ALL my rides, no matter how long or short.

edp773 05-24-06 05:50 PM

Have you tried using a coolmax headband or skull cap? Also. Walmart, or another department store, carries eye glass cleaning towels in foil packets. This is what I carry with me. They are inexpensive and work great. Works well if you carry a camera too.

scottmorrison99 05-24-06 10:29 PM

I use on of those Halo headbands, and it works for me. I sweat like crazy, too. I couldn't tell you why it didn't work for The Fixer, though.:D

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