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tracerit 05-25-06 12:11 AM

How do LBS fit you for a bike?
What exactly do they do? just adjust the height of the seat (something i can do)? check handelbar reach and height, what if it doesn't fit me, am i expected to buy more parts?

I'm just looking for some ideas here, because getting fit a bike seems like something most of us can do.

Machka 05-25-06 12:29 AM

You can do it yourself:
(scroll down to see the whole article)

But sometimes it helps to have someone there so you get accurate measurements and another viewpoint. For example, it's hard to see where the spindle of your pedal is in relation to your knee when you are trying to sit squarely on the bicycle.

If your LBS discovers that your bicycle doesn't fit you, they should present you with options to make it better ... adjustments, new parts, whatever. I went through 3 or 4 stems on one of my bicycles before I found one that is reasonable close. But I didn't have to pay for them, they just exchanged what I had (and I had a new bicycle which I had just purchased from them) with the next one. Even if it appeared that you might need to purchase new parts, no one would force you to do that.

FarHorizon 05-25-06 06:19 AM


Originally Posted by Machka
You can do it yourself...If your LBS discovers that your bicycle doesn't fit you, they should present you with options to make it better ...

+1 for Machka's good advice. I'll throw in one other thing to keep in mind, though - your LBS will fit you to the bike for most efficient fit, not necessarily most comfortable fit. If you want to race or train, the LBS fit may be great, but if you look for comfort, you may have to do what I did:

1. Make a small adjustment on the saddle (fore-aft, up-down, or tilt)
2. Ride for 20 minutes and ask "better or worse"
3. If better, make another small adjustment in the same direction and repeat the process
4. If worse, reverse the adjustment and make a different one

It may take you a day or two to completely "dial in" the saddle position to where you're comfortable, but it's worth the effort. Also keep in mind that different saddles will require different positions. Further, as your conditioning improves, your "best fit" on the bike may also change, causing a periodic reassessment. This advice is NOT appropriate for those who want maximum efficiency, and will result in (usually slightly) less racing advantage. The fit process I describe, though, is almost essential for those who want "comfort uber alles" on their bikes.

Happy riding!

shokhead 05-25-06 07:59 AM

When i got my bike the saleskid said,Hugo is great at fitting you to your bike. I thought cool. So i go in the back lot with Hugo and he tells me to ride around. I do. He says ok come here,adjust the height on the seat and says that should to it. Come back in two weeks if your sore. LMAO,oh ok.

edp773 05-25-06 10:56 AM

The bike shops I have visited just look at you and pick a size. THEY MIGHT EVEN GO AS FAR AS HAVING STAND OVER A BIKE. I have been advised to try a small, medium, or even a large frame by sight fitting.

Because of these experiences, my suggestion is to educate yourself on bike fit before making a purchase.

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