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bilder 05-27-06 05:25 PM

Cheap riding shades and other work supplied stuff.

I love my job. Seems half of the safety stuff I use at work can be used while riding as well.

My safety vest is the same one I wear at work.

My shades are the ones linked above- work issue. Comfy, nice looking and good eye protection. Sure beats spending $$$$ for a pair just to get them messed up on the trail.

I can even use company tri-flow on my bike, they don't mind at all. Tempted to try some of the other lubes they have. They are aircraft quality and should be nice to use.

Batteries for my light? Boss says help myself.

wahoonc 05-28-06 06:16 AM

Glad to know I am not the only one:D My company reimburses me for my prescription Safety Glasses, I also get the reflective vest, lubricants, etc. Now about those SPD shoes....:p


diff_lock2 05-28-06 08:09 AM

so whats job? batts, lube...?

raverson 05-28-06 10:17 AM

Free stuff is always cool, however I would check to make sure the glasses offer UVA and UVB sun protection before riding with them.
My health plan at work offers vision care and has an allowance for glasses. My newest glasses are prescription polarized sunglasses with Rayban frames that I wear all the time, at work and on the bike.

Blazinall91 05-28-06 10:20 AM

my job would just pretty much provide me with free hot dogs and fountain drinks, not so useful and healthy so I'll pass but I had a friend who would snag me some killer tools from his manufacturing job, a pair of WISS tin shears, and some other such tools, he said there was a plethora laying around

bilder 05-28-06 10:51 AM

I work for an airline in the parts dept.

All kinds of tools, lubes and such are kept in stock. Nice to be able to grab some Tri-flow for that quick lube before the ride home.

wahoonc 05-28-06 11:01 AM

Thanks for the concern...but our safety glasses are UV rated, dunno might be part of the Z87. standards, but I know mine are.
I work for a national commercial roofing contractor. Also get citrus cleaner concentrate works great on chains etc.


UAEBiker 05-28-06 11:07 AM

Yeah, i guess i could take some oil from the fryer next time i go to work (chick-fil-a), wonder how it works as a lube?

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