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steve33 06-04-01 04:15 PM

Rainman ????
Ralnman theres some reason you are not receving e-mail I tried twice last night on both my e -mail accounts.
Have you got a firewall ??? anyway you have a private message here.???

orguasch 06-04-01 09:12 PM

I have communicated with rainman, he was responding to my emails, Try going to his personal profile and email him there.

steve33 06-04-01 10:05 PM

I did my cable provider must not like im on at home cabel I guess they dont deal with lonely dial ups, i've e mailed him before but this time it came back BLOCKED thats why i asked if he had a firewall.
If you run across him tell him i tried, he may not see this just kidding about lonely dial ups thats all lots of people have.

orguasch 06-04-01 10:09 PM

My Internet provider is also at, I will try to email him, again and mention that you are trying to contact him, okay steve33

RainmanP 06-05-01 05:49 AM

I tried again to email you yesterday using the email button here in BikeForums. Guess it still did not go through. I will PM you.

orguasch 06-05-01 05:56 PM

So here's Steve33 and rainman, trying to get in touch with its other, but it seems they can not get thru their internet provider, , what's wrong here. I know i can send Email to rainman,

technogirl 06-05-01 11:13 PM

I don't know about y'all, but my darn string keeps breakin' between the two tin cans! That could be the culprit there! :D

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