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bluebeard 05-29-06 02:28 AM

off-brand bike? or nice cheap score?
Hello to all! New to the forum and looking for a little help identifying a bike brand as reputable or crappo.
I have been looking for a cheap score on a bike. Spotted a used bike in need of some TLC in a garage today and the brand appeared to be "Performance." There were some numbers on the frame, 340 maybe? Anyway, seems to be a cro-moly frame and it has Shimano STX derailleurs and Shimano v-brakes.
Searching for "Performance brand bikes" on the web was not very useful, for obvious reasons. Also, I did not find that brand name listed on any retailer sites. Unless told otherwise(by someone here or a few friends I will call tomorrow), I plan to offer the owner $20-$30. Any insight would be appreciated.


古強者死神 05-29-06 03:34 AM

A trip to a local bike shop can familarize you with some good brands. We have a listing here I think tho as a sticky.

edp773 05-29-06 08:44 AM

Could it be a bicycle from The second picture on this link shows the word performance on the bike.

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