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prikindel 05-30-06 12:04 PM

bike rack question from a newbie
Hello guys,

a complete newbie here and want to buy a roof rack for my Cannondale Adventure 400.
I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla.
Any advice which rack would be good for me would be appreciated,


jimmuter 05-30-06 02:01 PM

Yakima and Thule both have wizards you can use to find a rack that will work with your car.

prikindel 05-30-06 03:30 PM

thanks for the reply. So I looked at the link and it found this one:

400xt Aero Foot Pack | LB50 Load Bars | 2120 Fit Kit

and also it shows many bike carriers between $100 and $329.

So I need to buy both the base product and one of the carriers, is that correct?
If so, how do I select a carrier? Which one would be best for me? I'm just planning to transport the bike for ~20 miles on the weekends.


KingTermite 05-30-06 03:51 PM

For a car, I think Saris Bones is the best you can get - hands down.

CastIron 05-30-06 05:29 PM

Trunk racks aren't bad and are a lot cheaper. They also make your prized steed the bumper. The slightest rear-end and it's toast. Of course roof racks have their own perils (leave the garage door opener at home--trust me). If you go the roof route, I suggest you get a fork mount (the front wheel comes off to clamp it) as those are generally more secure. Yakima and Thule both make great products. I've the Yakima with the Viper mount. Works great. Just know that those systems are priced by the piece. The on-line configurator is necessary.

jimmuter 05-30-06 06:46 PM

+1 on the trunk racks. I have one trunk rack that works on my car and minivan. It's probably irrational, but I don't like having my bike on the roof. It causes me worry about clearance. My minivan has a factory rack that basically is useless as I found out. I got a good quality Yakima trunk rack and couldn't be happier.

prikindel 05-31-06 04:37 PM

well, I was thinking about roof racks because I guess trunk racks can scratch bumper, and also because of the rearend collision issues, but I'm still not sure which way to go.

And for the roof racks... what exactly I should buy? If, for example, I buy this 2000 - Yakima Viper Fork Roof Mount Bike Rack, is that all I need or I need some additional parts?

ken cummings 05-31-06 05:12 PM An interesting site. They have a number of stores throughout the west, Utah, SoCal, Bay area etc. Worth a visit if you live near one. I use a rear trunk rack with my wifes' sedan. Four free tubes as bunjies hold the bike to the pipe rack in my truck. If you have a rear end collision bad enough to damage a bike you will have much worse problems than a damaged bike.

CastIron 05-31-06 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by prikindel
And for the roof racks... what exactly I should buy? If, for example, I buy this 2000 - Yakima Viper Fork Roof Mount Bike Rack, is that all I need or I need some additional parts?

The viper is all that is needed to carry the bike. It attaches to the roof rack which consists of the 4 mounting 'pods' and two cross bars. You MUST use the configurator to get all the bits as they are modular systems.

Edit: I just did it for you--in two minutes. Here's the result from the Yakima folks: 2005 TOYOTA Corolla Sedan

Q Towers
Part # 8000124 4 locks $134.99 USD $134.99 USD
more info…
Part # 8000408 0 locks $53.99 USD $53.99 USD
Q99 Clips
Part # 8000699 0 locks $28.99 USD $28.99 USD
Q31 Clips
Part # 8000631 0 locks $28.99 USD $28.99 USD
38" Fairing
Part # 8007047 0 locks $51.99 USD $0.00 USD
Viper fork mount
Part # 8002000 1 locks $129.99 USD $129.99 USD
Your selected products require 5 lock cores.
SKS Lock Core Pack
Part #8007206 $56.99 USD
TOTAL PRICE: $433.94 USD Find Dealers

landstander 05-31-06 06:31 PM

Personally, I like the Saris rooftop racks. The bars are self-centering, and very quick and easy to install and remove. I use them with the Short Tray Fork Mount on a 2005 Prius, and couldn't be happier with the results.

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