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errolprowse 05-30-06 07:10 PM

summer job at a bike shop
im 15 and i just got a job at a lbs/bike rental on the beach shop, i worked at another one when i was younger, and they liked how i have experince in all, but another good thing is i get a humongous discount on any bikes or bike parts i want in the whole place, for being 15 and a person that doesnt want a car, and the only thing i spend my money on is bicycles, im pretty happy, just wanted to tell someone

Michigander 05-30-06 07:13 PM

No money in it, but you will have lots of fun. At your age, thats all that counts.

errolprowse 05-30-06 07:21 PM

exactly at the rate there paying it sucks, but my friend is going to work there to so it will be super easy, and its on the beach, easy weekend hours, i will have to work during the week depending on how busy it is, all in all, super easy

UAEBiker 05-30-06 09:55 PM

Yeah i had a job at 15 too, it was awsome, i endup with tons of cash cause i had no expenses. Save it and buy more bike stuff.

becnal 05-31-06 12:21 AM

Not to mention all you're going to learn as well. Great all-around deal for you! :)

the beef 05-31-06 12:31 AM

I'm a high school sophmore right now as well, 16 years old. Thinking seriously about getting a job at an LBS, but I'm wondering how something like that would work. I'm definitely not qualified to be a wrench. Maybe a behind-the-counter type of guy? I certainly know my fair share about bikes, new and old, and how they work :p

wahoonc 05-31-06 04:02 AM

I had a job at a local LBS when I was in high school...stayed broke, spent my entire paycheck on bikes and parts:p Got some good deals at the time, it paid for my Teledyne Titan frame and build up, also for my Bob Jackson Touring bike:D Enjoy your summer working at the beach is fun.


geo8rge 05-31-06 06:29 AM

Think sales. If you learn how to sell things to people who don't really need them at a price higher than they can afford you will have learned one of the most important skills any person can master.

BoBTFish 05-31-06 07:22 AM

It's great fun. I've been working Saturdays at my LBS for about 2 years now (wow didn't realise it was that long) since I was 15. You spend a lot of time opening boxes, cleaning, fixing punctures, dull stuff like that, but I've learnt a load and got a Trek 6500 Disc and a Trek 1000 both at trade price :). And within about 30 metres of my shop there's a chip shop, a pizza/kebab place, a bakers and a cafe. I spend about half my money just on lunch.

errolprowse 06-29-06 12:22 AM

i have some goals myself, im going to save up all my money, and on the last day i work there on the last day of summer, im going to spend it all on a nice road bike or maybe a full suspension bicycle, not sure, but every pay check i spend about 100 bucks each one for hrm, computers, clipless pedals and shoes, and a whole bunch of everything, i love it now

seely 06-29-06 09:48 AM

My best advice is to get really familiar with one local LBS if you are interested in a job and spend lots of time and a fair bit of cash there and LISTEN to what they say, don't come in trying to impress them with how much you know. Ask questions. This is how most of the people I work with and myself wound up working at bike shops, eventually they got sick of fixing our bikes and started to show us how to do it, and let us work on our bikes in the back room. Then it was roughing in new bikes for $6/hr, which led to selling bikes too, and then a few repairs, etc etc...

FLBandit 06-29-06 07:53 PM

Man, I'm 45 and a job at a bike shop at the beach sounds good to me too! (At that age I worked at a steak and seafood joint at the beach. Good times!)

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