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Cheryl 06-11-01 09:38 AM

We attended the First Union Pro race this Sunday in Philadelphia. OH MY GOSH!!!! ya know you watch these guys on TV but being there was the most amazing experience I've ever had. The USPS guys were out in force, it was so cool to see all the guys you've watched on the tube. ( I know I said that already, but I'm soo stoked) The speed, the determination, the athleticsm, the grit, the legs!!! I will never forget this experience. These guys are sooo fast. They climb a hill known as the Manyunk Wall. I could barely push the bike up let alone ride it. It's a 14% grade, not alot to you Colorado-ans, but WOW. They are phenomenal.

It's amazing to think that they are human beings with the same anatomy as all of us, they are POWERING these wheels !!!!

Freddie Rodriguez won with George Hincappie right on his wheel, it was amazing!

I am a changed woman. This is the potential we ALL have within us. :)

fubar5 06-11-01 09:52 AM

Ha ha. I watched the Amstel gold on tape at work. It was awesome, on my ride home I pictured myself as lance and in my day dream, lance(me) won the Amstel.

LittleBigMan 06-11-01 10:39 AM


Originally posted by Cheryl
This is the potential we ALL have within us. :)
That's what makes athletes and other people who press the limits
of human achievement so interesting to me. They prove what we can do, while many people spend their time talking themselves out of their potential greatness.

RainmanP 06-11-01 12:32 PM

I know! When you think that these guys CRUISE at 25-30 mph and can routinely go 40 when they need to! The mind boggles.

roadbuzz 06-11-01 06:53 PM

I'm envious. I had thought (albeit briefly) about going up there and seeing the USPRO championships myself. (Instead I rode 215 miles on an MS-150, but that's another story.)

What's awesome to me is the speed and power as they go by, and you hear nothing but the whoosh of wind and the whir of tires on the pavement. I miss the Tour duPont.

Cheryl 06-12-01 08:20 AM


Originally posted by roadbuzz
(Instead I rode 215 miles on an MS-150, but that's another story.)

Wow!! good for you (and the people you helped).

But... 215 in a 150 mile ride?? What's the other story?????? How did it go?:D :D

roadbuzz 06-14-01 05:44 AM

On the fund-raising side, 290 people raised $176,000. I thought that was pretty cool.

The organizers have mapped out an optional 25 mile loop for people who might want to do a century either/both days. My plan was to do the minimum (150) regardless, and consider one or more centuries, depending on how I felt. The extra mileage loops begin near the end of each days ride, so you can make the call based on how you feel at that point.

Well, this is my first MS ride, so I wasn't up on the details. I rode the 75 (actually 77) miles the first day, and at the end was feeling too good to stop, and it was only 2:30 in the afternoon. So I asked one of the support people, "okay, where's the century??" "Oh, you sign up for that at the last rest stop." Well the last rest stop was only about 6 miles back, so I went, signed up, and rode the extra loop. The total was ~114 miles. If a metric century is 100 kilometers, I guess this would be a nautical century... 100 nautical miles. The second day was less eventful. I did my homework so I would know where to start the century loop.

There were a lot of factors that contributed to completing 215 miles. First, there were tons of rest stops and support. Hydration and energy food were never issues. Second, the weather was darn-near perfect, and it was a point-to-point ride, with a tail-wind most of the way both days! Third, the second day I was riding with a group for the first 50 miles and we were able to paceline, which reduced the effort and made the miles go by quickly. All in all, it doesn't get much better!

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