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LittleBigMan 06-11-01 12:28 PM

Drive your way into health
New studies indicate that driving a car is good for your health, say sources at the National Underwriter's Testing Services (NUTS).

"The increased heart rate and blood pressure we find in drivers seems to be the reason," said Dr. Art R. Eablok, NUTS expert on
cardiovascular fitness. "The higher their blood pressure climbs, the more likely people are to have it checked. The more people who have their blood pressure checked, the more who will receive medication to lower it. We see this as very encouraging and positive."

Dr. Eablok is currently working on his new book, "How to Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Eat Whatever The Hell You Want!"

AlphaGeek 06-11-01 12:36 PM

That's so scary :( it sounds real. :cry:

nebill 06-11-01 01:12 PM

You want scary? The study was probably funded by NEET (National Endowment of Elected Officials) with primary funding from Big Oil, The Big Three, the UAW, and the pharmaceutical industy!

Joe Gardner 06-12-01 12:22 AM

Im not sure if this should be in the joke forum or not... Thats freaking NUTS! :D

Somewhat on the same topic, i had a lady in a nice cadilac yell at me "get out of the traffic!" as she was stuck in gridlock, i waved and yelled back "you are traffic!" ... made my day! I think i got that quote / idea from a forum member, thanks :)

AlphaGeek 06-12-01 07:17 AM


Originally posted by Ba-Dg-Er
HAHAHA... I wonder if she got it..

Naa, brain dead cagers. :(

I hear there is an operation to cure that tho, brain cell infusion. It's where they drill a hole in the skull :( and inject it with common sense, and remove their butt, and replace it with "bicycle butt"! :D

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