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bullit 07-04-06 05:20 PM

Cyclocross or new road frame?
So i bought a litespeed vela last year and was sort of in between sizes and opted for the smaller size, and needless to say i grew like 2 inches this year and nows its too small.

But i think it happened at the right time since my friends dont road bike anymore and now all i do is commute around town, but its uncomfortable so im thinking of either getting a new road frame or a complete new cyclocross bike.

I honestly think i would be better off with a cyclocross bike since (after read that thread about how to keep interest in cycling) i could go on fire roads with my mom when she mountain bikes and still commute to class and work and stuff, plus im feeling a little bored with only road biking for 1.5 and need something new.

my friend tells me cyclocross bikes are stupid and pointless because they are heavy and slow, because of the treads, and you can just put cyclocross tires on a road bike :lol:.

btw, i was thinking of getting a lemond poprad or that redline conquest.

i think i just answered my own question, but any input would be nice. thanks

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