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WNCbiker 02-01-03 06:50 AM

how do i
how do i post pictures pof my bike i have them downloaded on my computer i just dont know how to get them from the file to the thread.

DnvrFox 02-01-03 07:22 AM

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Good Morning!!

At the very bottom of your original or reply screen is an "Attach File" space with a "Browse" button next to it.

Simply click Browse, and you can browse your computer for your picture. Once you have found it, click on it, and it will then appear in the formerly blank box.

Hit "submit" and it should appear, as I hope this pic of heartbreak hill fo the Santa Fe Century does.

I will know in a minute if I got it right :D

Later - yep, I did it ok!!

WNCbiker 02-01-03 08:07 AM

what if it says the file is to big

bac 02-01-03 08:27 AM


Originally posted by WNCbiker
what if it says the file is to big
There is a file-size limitation - I think it's 100k. If your file exceeds this limit, you'll need to either:

- Shrink the picture
- Lower the resolution
- Change the file format
- A combination of the above

You can do some of this by using programs a simple as Microsoft Paintbrush. Alternatively, there are a bunch of shareware-based programs available on the net that will allow you to modify image files in a variety of ways. You can look for these programs here:

Click me!

Good luck, and please post your pix when you're able! :)

Grendel 02-01-03 08:50 AM

One other thing -- there's a bug (IMO) with the forum software where if you use the 'Preview Reply' button after selecting an attachment the attachment won't show up when you post the message. I'm not sure if that got fixed with the recent forum upgrade or not...

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