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quarterfront 07-09-06 04:38 PM

Greetings from Quarterfront

I've come to this forum looking for an answer to one question and honestly probably won't hang around much after that. Then again, who knows....

Anyway, I'm a 41 year old guy who used to ride everywhere all the time. Didn't have a car and I commuted to and from work, did all my grocery shopping, you name it, on my bike. Really aggressive/defensive rider in city traffic, all of that. Got into my mid '30's, married, had kids, moved farther from work, and realized that having not fallen off my bike or been hit by a car in 12 years the odds weren't in my favor any longer so I stopped riding.

After a few years of not riding at all, I've dusted off my old faithful Austro-Daimler (bought back in 1985 with the best money I ever spent), attached it to a training stand and use it as a stationary bike to keep in shape.

Lately I'm having trouble with blown tires using the trainer and am looking for some clues as to why. If you're reading this and have some enlightenment for me, look for my post in the repair forum.


RonH 07-10-06 05:09 AM

Why did you ever give up riding? Odds? I don't think so.
All trainers are hard on tires.
It's summer. Take the bike off the trainer and get out on the road and ride. Ride the trainer in the winter.

quarterfront 07-10-06 08:52 AM

RonH -

I hear you.... Yeah, I'll admit to being a weenie ;) .

When I was commuting I lived within about 3 miles of everywhere I worked. Now the distance is double or triple that; getting anywhere I need to be would involve crossing freeway exit zones in two places and dealing with some fairly mean streets.

I have two kids now. The odds of serious injury may be low, and I'm a pretty savvy rider, but one serious car accident and my kids are screwed for life. Given the doubled distance to travel, the heavier faster traffic where I'd ride, Kansas City's general disdain for cyclists.... You get the picture.

Back when I was commuting one of the huge advantages was that I never needed to exercise because I was getting exercise during my commute to work. The result was that exercise didn't take any time out of my day. Now I'm in a situation where with two little kids, either I'm at work or I'm taking care of kids. I can't ditch my toddlers in the living room to pop out for a half hour of riding. So I put my bike on a stand and ride while we all watch Sesame Street.

Couple years, they'll be in school and I'll have my mornings free again and will be able to go out and ride around the neighborhood instead of spin my wheel on a stand, but for now.... Hey, at least I'm not getting any fatter....

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