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Dougmt 02-03-03 08:55 PM

Specialized iritating
This may sound tivial in the big scheme of things... and it is...but the specialized web site has got to be the worst website for ordering anything that I've ever seen. It's clunky, super slow to load... and the kicker... I ordered some mountain biking shoes that they had on clearance... Now I understand that clearance items can be sketchy to order... but the confimation I got from specialized listed them and AFTER my order the size I ordered was no longer listed. Well I got their email telling me what shipped and of course the shoes were not on it... no prior email though, no phone call (why do they ask for the phone number while ordering if they are not going to use it?) I sent them an email and I'll follow it up tomorow morning with a phone call but I ordered my first pair of clipless pedals at the same time (eggbeaters) for $50 from supergo so I DO need to get some sneakers now.... and my budget is EXTREMELY tight.

propp2531 02-25-03 01:50 PM

Thats odd. I have ordered lots of stuff from them and have never had a problem before. They must be losing their touch.

KleinMp99 02-25-03 01:54 PM

I'm sure that all sites have had problems at one time or another, and if you have dialup and try to use the specialized site then yes it is going to be slow.

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