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TLN 02-04-03 11:49 AM

For you Aussies out there...
I have a question for you. A friend of a friend traveled around a couple of continents last year. Australia/New Zealand was in the group. He said that Australia was one of the worst places to ride as far as somewhere being "bike unfriendly" and not the scenery. He said that he had people smashing beer bottles in front of him trying to pop his tires and some people trying to run him off the road, and this was a daily occurance. He fly into Sydney and went of up the left coast. On the other hand, he said that New Zealand was one of the best places he had ever ridden? People extremely friendly, just like family, and very curtious.

I was wondering if this is true more or less? I mean every place has its bad parts but I have never been to either Australia or New Zealand, but they are on my list and I definitely want to bring my bike.

Chris L 02-04-03 09:28 PM

I've never ridden in Sydney. However, I find your friend's experience surprising to say the least. "Road rage" does happen occasionally, but most of the time it's just verbal and easily ignored. Here on the Gold Coast I get rednecks shouting things all the time, but if ignored they generally go away. The biggest problem I find is driver incompetence, but that's something you've gotta watch out for anywhere.

I must say that in other parts of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria that I have ridden, I haven't had too many problems over all.

Dutchy 02-04-03 09:59 PM

Apart from incompetent drivers ie failing to give way and passing too close I have never had any trouble in 9 years of riding. However I do live in Adelaide, so this may be why I don't have many problems. It is a quiet place, compared to Melbourne and Sydney.



Chris L 02-05-03 03:13 AM

Even Melbourne wasn't that bad when I was there. Admittedly only for a couple of days or so. In fact, it was noticeably more placid than even Geelong.

greywolf 02-05-03 08:56 AM

just the usual weekend hoons here in N.Z other wise good for cyclists, main roads may be narrower & more winding than you might be used to . helmets mandatory. people genuinaly interested in overseas visitors. :beer:

Falchoon 02-05-03 10:34 PM

Never had people smashing bottles near me, just the occasional abuse (get off the road etc) yelled out the window. As others have said it's mainly driver incompetence that you need to watch out for. Are you sure your friend's friend was riding on the correct side of the road?:roflmao:

TLN 02-06-03 11:46 AM


Originally posted by Falchoon
Are you sure your friend's friend was riding on the correct side of the road?:roflmao:
Well you know those crazy Austrians. But Im pretty sure he has on the right side of the road, or in Australia, the wrong side...j/k

lotek 02-06-03 12:23 PM


Originally posted by TLN
Well you know those crazy Austrians. But Im pretty sure he has on the right side of the road, or in Australia, the wrong side...j/k
Austria, thats where the kangaroos come from right?


Chris L 02-07-03 02:49 AM

I'm told Austrian kids ride kangaroos to school each morning.

TLN 02-07-03 09:13 AM


Originally posted by Chris L
I'm told Austrian kids ride kangaroos to school each morning.
No, I think you are thinking of the schnitzel-wagon!

Before I get hammered on making fun of Austrians, let it be said that I am part Austrian.

lotek 02-07-03 09:21 AM

Just think if JFK had done his
famous speech in Vienna instead of Berlin
he would have said "Ich bin ein Weiner"
(huh huh he said weiner).

Wein is my all time favourite city in the world.
(or what I've seen of it).


The_Peddler 02-07-03 11:09 PM

Smashing beer bottles, not totally out of the question, little sad if it did happen though.

I have ridden on Sydney's roads for over 20 years, i even spent over four years riding down the Pacific Highway to the city every day during peak hour from the upper north shore (20 odd k's)until that became too scary.

When i saw your post a few instances came into mind.

1. Full apple in the middle of the back from a car driving in a 90k's zone while i was riding uphill, you can figure out how i felt.

2. A cigarette butt that found its way into a jersey pocket, i still carry the scar on my back.

3. A passenger door opened on me and my brother many a moon ago, unluckily for them the lights up the road turned red, but thats a story for another time.

4. Half a large McDonalds Thickshake as i was riding up Mona Vale road (long steep hill) through Pymble, again from a car in a 90 zone.

I have had a few other things thrown at me over the years but those are the ones that hit and hurt.

But please dont think that all of Sydney hates riders, as i said this is over 20 years of riding.

But beware if you do come to Sydney, it is the scariest city in the country to drive in, you can only guess what riding it is like.

P.S. All of the experiences above except for the door incident happened whilst i was riding alone, so maybe a saftey in numbers issue.

Malvern star 02-08-03 08:25 AM

The main problem I come across in Sydney is just the high proportion of drivers who simply should not be driving. They don't look.
I've never had something thrown at me.
Vebal abuse happens occassionaly but when you egg them on for a fight , they drive off with their tails up their arse, they're pretty cowardly in that respect.

mark_melb 08-09-03 02:18 AM

I've had experiences with total fruit loops, but not that bad. The worst (and scariest) experience was being chased by a loser in an Alpha Spider (nice mustard/baby poo colour) after clipping his mirror having to go 'round his as he was double parked. I think his wife wondered where he had dissappered to when he got out of the shop.

mark_melb 08-09-03 02:26 AM

Oh, he did manage to stop me. Outside the nearest pub. Pubs and cafes in the area do good business from the local training cyclists. He was so furious that he jumped out of the car and kicked my front wheel breaking a spoke. A crowd of thousands saw the incident. Well, whos side was the crowd on........... There is me in full psudo pro gear, flash bike etc being 'attacked' by a driver of a poseur car. They were baying for blood saying things like "do ya know how much those wheels are worth? 400 bucks. You are going to pay."
I made a tidy profit after asking him to come with me to the nearest Police Station. He was in a panic because he had left his wife in the shop picking up some photos............
Would he have been in the dog house......?:beer:

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