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tasker-bumble 07-11-06 04:26 AM

At last a good front mounted chlid seat!
Dear Bike forums.

As a newby to your forum I was thinking what could I add to such a great site. We are relativly new to cycling having been motorcyclists for many years. Living the the UK (where the news stands bend under the weight of hard core off road mountain bike magazines, all full of people doing incredable things that we would have done at an age before we knew better and when the broken bones healed a lot faster.) there was not a lot of choice, however after I had spent months researching sites like this looking for a child carrier for my 2 1/2 year old I found a solution.

I had my concerns regarding rear mounted seats but was struggling to find a front mounted seat that both looked good and that I was prepared to put my own daughter in. Eventually I stumbled upon a seat called the Bike Tutor that was available in Canada. I managed to contact the creator and was lucky enough to be sent one. Im delighted to say that the Bike Tutor is now available on line in Europe at This seat is fantastic. No more craining your neck to see if your pride and Joy is still awake. No more shouting instructions or back seat complaints about the view. My daughter loves riding on it, and cycling together has become an important part of daily life.

The fact that my daughter sits between my arms means that should the unthinkable happen there is the option to grab hold of her. Im sure most parents would be prepared to take the knocks instead of the child. I know I would. Secondly being front mounted we can talk, sing (badly!!) and enjoy the ride together. This for me is the best part of cycling, the interaction with my daughter.

Naturally any parent looking for a child seat is going to do their research, that is after all how I ended up on this forum. My surgestion is include on your list of sites to look at. Thanks and enjoy.tasker-bumble

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