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Joe Gardner 06-13-01 12:26 AM

One more reason you need to ride today.
This is amazing, now you have no excuse to not ride your bike :) Check out the Team BAT website.

LittleBigMan 06-13-01 05:46 AM


This is a breakthrough!

I envision Team Bat cyclists imparting their training and abilities to motorist all across this great Newnited States.

JonR 06-13-01 06:36 AM

Pretty amazing, Joe--I bookmarked that one. When I read something like that, it reminds me of the times I go to the refrigerator and say, "Is that all I've got to eat?" and then think, "There are millions and millions in this world that have nothing to eat."

Rich 06-13-01 06:53 AM

Top stuff Joe,

it's amasing what we can do as humans, even when our primary sense has left us.

The picture of Team Bat riding down that hill is awe inspiring!!


mike 06-18-01 11:01 AM

Locally, we have a group that brings blind people cross country skiiing (with some down sloping runs).

Boy, talk about having courage and trust in your partner!

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