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Rich 06-13-01 06:10 AM

The Great Escape!
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With the latest fad of microscooters, this picture did make me laugh.

Rich :thumbup:

Little5_Fan 06-13-01 06:29 AM

Good Stuff!! :D

AlphaGeek 06-13-01 07:09 AM

Man! Did you see that snail darting out of there!
He must have been going, THREE INCHES PER MINUTE!!! :p

Rich 06-13-01 07:38 AM


He sure could do with a motor on that thing!!:D


LittleBigMan 06-13-01 11:37 AM

Great pic, Rich!

;) Very funny!

aerobat 06-13-01 08:18 PM

Did Santa bring him that scooter?

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