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amerpie 02-10-03 08:55 PM

Favorite Cycling Links
What are your five favorite cycling Internet sites, other than Bike Forums?

Bike Reader

Bicycle Magazine

RoadBike Rider

Big Dogs Endurance Cycling



Raiyn 02-11-03 04:37 AM

My 5:
Sheldon Brown

Dirt Rag




but I have to say I spend most of my online time here.

Chris L 02-11-03 05:16 AM

I used to be active on a few different forums, but these days it's mainly this one (most of the others have closed now, while this one's continued to grow). Apart from that I hang around Cycling News and it would be remiss of me to mention this site, which gave me the idea of cycling the Great Ocean Road a few months back (something every cyclist should do at least once).

I'll probably think of some others later.

Cipher 02-11-03 07:23 AM

I'll add these;

1. High Tech Training

2. On Line Store (In addition to My LBS!)

3. Road Bike Review

4. Wrench Science

5. Velo News

lotek 02-11-03 08:01 AM

Mostly I spend my time here, but do
hit the following sites (in no specific order)
(I'll only provide links to sites not previously listed).
Classic Rendezvous
Campy Only
park tool
Sheldon Brown
rec.bicycles but be advised
this one has some major flame wars, and its no holds
barred so it can be very rough.


shokhead 02-11-03 08:14 AM

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