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stokell 02-12-03 07:20 PM

Southern Ontario, Western New York: Toronto International Bike Show
A reminder to most and something new to some. The Toronto International Bike Show is coming up. Click on the link

Drop by the City of Toronto Cycling Committee booth and get your FREE city cycling map.

WorldIRC 02-12-03 07:27 PM

HEHE, I think I'll be working there with one of the bike shops in Toronto. YAY Free admission!

Gojohnnygo. 02-13-03 01:24 AM

:) I might have to drive up and check this out.Thanks for the info.

D*Alex 02-13-03 06:36 AM


I might have to drive up and check this out.Thanks for the info.
Considering the weather of the last few days, I'd suggest you take the north route around the lake.....

orguasch 02-13-03 03:01 PM

this is the only time of the year I spend my christmass money in March....:D :D , hope my wife won't notice it...been saving for this one, though

WorldIRC 02-13-03 03:40 PM

You guys should come and say hi to me on the Saturday.

TotalKos 02-13-03 04:40 PM

This is a great show. I used to work there(NTC) so I always had free admission. I still have friends there so I hope I won't have to pay. and I use to go overnight and ride around on all the bikes that people would buy. I guess now that I don't work there I can say that. LOL!

WorldIRC 02-13-03 05:04 PM

We should organize something. Anyone who is going to the show should meet somewhere and maybe grab lunch or something on the Saturday. I'm not sure if there is food there though and we are not exactly near any restaurants.

Maelstrom 02-13-03 06:04 PM

Toronto Area Bikeforums getogether...:D...

D*Alex 02-13-03 06:58 PM

Maybe we could go for a ride around inside Skydome??

orguasch 02-13-03 07:00 PM

I will be going there on Friday February 28, around 5:P.M.
will be hanging out at the Pavan Bike Booth, so World IRC whereabouts are you working and Kenneth and also Total K os, maybe we can have some coffee together, and maybe ride togther this coming summer

orguasch 02-13-03 07:11 PM

and since its my weekend off I will probably be there also on Saturday and Sunday

wabbit 02-13-03 08:37 PM

There's also going to be a bike show in Montreal, March 7-9.


but it's more aimed at consumers.

WorldIRC 02-13-03 09:57 PM

I won't be there on Friday. I'm a jew guy. Got shabbas (sabbath) dinner. Saturday however, I'll be there. I'm not really working, but I'll be chilling there with the guys from Bike Depot. I'll be there at around 10-1030 AM on Saturday.

juciluci 02-14-03 06:28 PM

lucky you, free admission... missed it last year.. do they give you a better price if you want to go again on the next sat or sunday?
now i know where you will be working lol...
a friend was supposed to compete.. hope he is this year.. cycle solutions anyone?

orguasch 02-14-03 06:39 PM

No if you go there friday you pay the full admission price then if you go Saturday and Sunday you still have to pay the same admission price.....

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