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pcsanity1 02-15-03 06:13 AM

Darn Rain!
I am getting restless. The second Saturday, I got up and it is lightning out. I will ride in some rain, but avoid the lightning.

Last week, got up dressed, loaded the bike on the rack to head for the club ride.....Bam Lightning.

Just looked outside today....again lightning!

Last weekend, fine- I used it to tune up my bike. This weekend I guess I will have to get out the new trainer I bought yesterday. I just cant bring myself to put 60+ miles on the trainer.

Oh well, had to vent.


stumpjumper 02-15-03 09:40 AM

Rain??? Get over it :)

Try todays forcast for Dayton if you dont want rain....

"...Snow will continue across the warning area today. The snow is forecast to taper off this afternoon. An additional 2 to 3 inches of snow is expected today with total snow accumulations of 8 to 12 inches by 5 PM. Northeast winds of 20 to 30 mph today will cause blowing and drifting of snow and near whiteout conditions. .."

You get NO sympathy from me, pal :)

pcsanity1 02-15-03 10:04 AM


Definately no sympaty needed. I was just griping and moaning. If it were not lightning I would have been out there riding in it.

I am originally from Cleveland OH - Miss the snow. I was up there for the white Christmas this yeare. Loved it. Then again I did not have to deal with it on a daily basis. I think I would definately get cabin crazy.

I got the trainer together, time to hit it.


orguasch 02-15-03 02:00 PM

I could stand rain, I guess I don't have any choice, its snow or rain, what can you expect, common keep it coming:D :D

Chris L 02-15-03 02:35 PM

Feel free to send as much of that rain as you like over here. At the moment riding is becoming quite an expensive proposition due to the lack of rain over the last two years and the need to refill with bottled water because everything else has dried up completely.

Kev 02-15-03 03:29 PM

Chris isn't it sick you are completely surrounded by water, but have a shortage.. I know de-salinization plants are extremely expensive to build and run so not feasible but that might be changing in the near future. I know here in California we are in a constant droubt nothing near to what you have there, but the are thinking of going the de-salinization plant, since supposedly it has became alot less expensive past couple years.

wabbit 02-15-03 04:45 PM

I know that the cold, miserable rain can be depressing, but it's got to be better than -17C (about 2 below zero F). I'm so sick of this &^*&^&%$ cold!

Plenty of time for miserable rainy weather in march and april.

stumpjumper 02-15-03 06:10 PM

<em>Definately no sympaty needed. I was just griping and moaning. If it were not lightning I would have been out there riding in it. </em>

Heh heh, no worries. Actualy, I'm jealous :D

Dougmt 02-15-03 06:50 PM

I'm South of you about 50 miles on a little Island :)
Last night, duing our 10 mile commute we had absolutely torential rain.. wind blown so bad it stung my face.. and thunder loud enough to seriously distract ones riding... all at 1:30 AM. Needless to say it was not fun LOL

uciflylow 02-15-03 07:38 PM

I went out and mada a few mile trip to Wally World to pick up a gift for my nephew's birthday today. You talk about getting some wierd looks from autos. I'm sure there where more than one "look at that fool" said from one to another but I just had to get in a short ride. Don't know of a better way to do it than save gas and get some exersize at the same time. I have set this bike up to be my commuter when the weather lets up just a little bit. I have finally got the light ready and working and I'm setting on GO! I hope to boost my miles and save gas at the same time.

Anothe thread was talking about using a back pack and it is working out great for me so far.:D

Michel Gagnon 02-15-03 09:02 PM

I actually prefer snow to rain. Less humid. However, for the last few days, we had highs of -15 to -20C. Nice for rides/commutes/whatever that last less than 1 - 1.5 hour, but not for very long rides.

Oh! We miss snow. We had a good storm in early November (or late October?), but nothing significant since. Each time people in Ohio, the Adirondacks or Maine get 10-15 inches, we get... 10-15 mm (i.e. 1/2 inch)! So there must be a good 10 cm on the ground. Only!


pcsanity1 02-15-03 09:06 PM

Well, now you can be jealous...

Tomorrow morning is supposed to be about 45 degrees and sunny. I managed to get ahold of a few people from my club and we are going to go on a 60 tomorrow.


(By the way, 60 minutes is about all I can handle on the trainer without going bonkers!

Chris L 02-15-03 09:06 PM


Originally posted by Kev
Chris isn't it sick you are completely surrounded by water, but have a shortage..
I really think the drought of the last two years has caught a lot of people by surprise. Just to give you an idea, the current level of the Gold Coast water supply is around 29% capacity (it was 28% before last week's rain). Prior to 2002, the previous all-time low had been 56%. I really think nobody on the coast at least expected the situation to ever become this bad. Basically we've had two years of record low rainfall.

As far as alternatives go, you might have a case re: desalinisation. Surely can't be more expensive than some ideas I've heard mooted over here (trying to turn rivers inland for one). Personally I'd like to see them better utilise existing water supplies first. The amount of water we could save through, for example, more efficient irrigation practices...

I'll shut up now as I don't want to take over this whole thread.

P.S. I'm one of those crazy people who actually thinks rain is preferable weather for riding.

ParamountScapin 02-15-03 09:47 PM

I'll trade you two feet of snow for six inches of rain. Also trade you our mid-20's for your mid-60's. We can trade back in mid-April when it finally turns to decent weather around here. Brrrrrrrr. Winter sucks!

MikeOK 02-16-03 10:11 AM

This winter had been worse to me, mostly because we had a very mild early winter, and now that it should be starting to warm back up we are getting cold and snow. It is snowing here again this morning, very cold and windy. I know you people up north are used to it, but here in the south we should be having better weather by now. My solution for today is to go to an indoor skatepark with my kid and hang with the scuzzy little BMX'ers on my mountain bike :)

BTW- no rain riding for me, either road or mtn bike. It's too hard to get all that water and crud cleaned out of all the bearings. Ity's okay if it starts after I get out, but I rarely leave in rain.

lovemyswift 02-16-03 10:35 AM

Sleet and Freezing rain here. 2-3 inches of snow later. Not only can't I ride I can't even go outside for a walk and get some fresh air!

lovemyswift 02-16-03 10:36 AM

And I can't even go skiing because the roads are too treacherous!

detrieux 02-16-03 11:12 AM

We are at a Level 3 travel restriction. Only people allowed on the roads are emergency personnel. We have about 8 inches of snow on top of the 6 inches we had on the ground. It has been snowing since I got up and has not let up. Looks like a long day of snow.

Riding in the rain would be a welcome relief.

KennethToronto 02-16-03 02:46 PM

I'd take rain any day

It's been freezing cold here since Octoberish...and these past few months have been nothing but -15C to -30C weather with a heap of snow

Cold. Empty. White. Grey....uuuh...please summer come

wisi 02-16-03 04:36 PM

Mike...too bad it doesn't snow...could cross train skiing or boarding. Fresh powder here in the Sierras. Skiing is great. Can't wait to get out my bike though.

MikeOK 02-16-03 07:21 PM

We ended up getting another unforecasted 3" snow today. Wasn't too bad inside that heated bike park though :) I was actually not the only old geezer there today heheh, usually I am 25 or so years older than the next oldest person. Funny how that works, when I am the only old geezer I usually end up being buds with all the kids, but when there are more of us I think we just get in their way.

I think everybody is getting sick of winter. That is, everybody but those lucky enough to live in a place where winter is a good thing, like in the mountains.

Jim311 02-17-03 12:26 AM

I learned today that riding semislicks in the mud is an extremely dangerous idea. My grips came off, my tires weren't hooking up, and my discs weren't performing well. It was a great ride :D

It rained hard ALL DAY LONG.

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