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sebring 03-01-03 02:56 PM

Cateye trainer for Play Station 2
Does anyone here use the Cateye trainer that can be connected to a Play Station 2. It allows you to play certain games, and the faster you pedal, the faster you move in the game. From what I've read it only works on racing games which is fine. You also control your vehicle using the bikes handlebars. Just wondering if this thing is any good or not. I know there is an ATV game that can be used with it, and that may be really cool to use with the trainer.

fubar5 03-01-03 06:45 PM

Well, I don't use it, but it sounds like a butt kickin' program!

Raiyn 03-01-03 10:59 PM

I hadn't heard of that. Please tell us more :D

Gojohnnygo. 03-02-03 12:52 AM

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:) This link might help.

bikerTeen 03-02-03 06:35 AM

I've heard of this before. It looks pretty interesting.
I found one web site that sells it:

I'm surprised! Only $150 + (cost of playstation 2) + (cost of games).

sebring 03-02-03 12:12 PM

Here it is from the Cateye web page.

Game Bike

deliriou5 03-02-03 04:38 PM

hahaa that is so cool! now indoor training doesn't have to be so boring!

(by the way, me and my wallet will stick to going to the gym during the winter) ;)

Raiyn 03-06-03 03:29 AM

I must have one!! Up until now I thought the epitome of cool indoor training would be to spin and watch hockey. Now I can play a game that'll push me to beat it! Oh damn B-day's not 'til Dec.

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