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DIGITAL39 09-09-06 09:17 PM

Trainer on budget
I am very interested in buying a trainer, but right now I am on a very tight budget, can anyone recommend a trainer that is good but not as expensive as most?


Nightshade 09-10-06 10:05 AM

Instead of a trainer consider a used Schwinn AirDyne stationary bike.
There a tons of them used for not much money making them a better
year 'round deal for cardio & muscle tone. I bought a $1400 AirDyne
for less than $300 so I know there are killer deals to be had if you look.

Bikewer 09-10-06 05:15 PM

I have one of the Nashbar jobs I bought on sale (made by Minoura, I believe). It was well under 100 bucks and works quite well.

Check your Craigslist and thrift store outlets; sometimes you get lucky. I bought an almost-new Blackburn trainer years ago at a goodwill for nine bucks. "What is that thing?" asked the lady. "Uh, 9 bucks..." :D

supcom 09-10-06 06:39 PM

A Nashbar fluid trainer works well and is inexpensive. But better is to spend the money on winter cycling clothes and ride outside year-round.

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