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flair1111 09-10-06 10:03 PM

leg muscle build
Just wondering how long you rode before you noticed leg development, bulk or definition. My legs look better now than when I lifted weights for 13 years. My calves look way better. I like them. I have veins all over them that i never knew were there. The wife is an EMT and is always amazed at how many veins I have sticking out of my arms and the thickness of them. Now she is freaking out over the veins in my legs, especially the one that runs down the front of my calf right beside the leg bone. Its a bit thicker than a tube for an icemaker, almost 1/2". She is always wanting to draw blood from me just so she can poke the veins.

Adiankur 09-11-06 08:16 AM

yeah, nothing sexier than a bunch of veins. It's one of the positives about having pigment in your skin. you have the veins, but you dont see the color as much so the blend in.

I dont know how long it takes to see definition change, but I have worked out religiously, five-six days a week for the last year, and I have noticed improvement in the last three weeks since I started cylcling. I think its a matter of new exercise can have a bigger impact in your workouts. its one reasons people cross train, so they can hit their muscles in different ways.

DannoXYZ 09-11-06 08:22 AM

I had some large legs from playing soccer for 14-years. After about 6-months of cycling, I noticed they actually shrunk and became more defined and chiseled (no veins though, I've got thick skin :) ). Lost a little of max-strength, but I brought that back with strength-training in the gym while I waited for the rains to subside.

Eatadonut 09-11-06 08:38 AM

Sometimes I wish my arm veins would stick out just a little more. But, I've got really deep veins and this is the first time in my life they've actually been easily visible, so I'll be happy with that ;)

Sure makes giving blood a lot less painless. "*poke* Nope, that's not the vein. *poke* Nope, not there either. *poke* ahh, there's the blood!"

Nermal 09-11-06 10:58 AM

I am flabbergasted. I expected developement of the quadracepts, and what do I get? Some muscle at the outside of the thigh. I can't begin to explain this.

DataJunkie 09-11-06 11:57 AM

Just don't jokingly call your legs massive. One of our egomaniacs will develop a hissy fit.

Bulking up accelerated this spring for me. So, maybe about 9 months before the definition improved drastically.

rando 09-11-06 12:25 PM

Been commuting for 6 months and I've noticed some changes in leg muscle strength and definition. however, the wierdest thing is all the muscle I added to my.... uhm... butt.

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